Release: DNSwitch – a utility to hijack the Nintendo Switch browser


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  1. cavin

    fist me

  2. stooged

    not working on my switch, the source from github went into a refresh loop attempting to access sevensins and removing the refesh meta and just trying to access google gives “unable to display page”

    • stooged

      scratch that lol if you are an idiot like me that’s been messing around with the switch browser and Charles web proxy REMOVE the proxy from the switch.

      works fine 🙂

  3. Franky

    It’s going to be so awesome if someone manages to hack the Switch almost as fast as the PSP.

    • Crzo

      NO it would NOT be awesome at all!!! With the failure the wii u was, having the switch hacked as fast as the PSP would kill it in less than a year period, we already had the vita fail miserably and the 3DS was successful but really underpowered.

      I am personaly excited to have a neew portable system this gen with capable power to have quality games and not a blur mess.

      As much as I love homebrew and backup loaing I rather have a system with games and not another dreamcast…

  4. Driverdis

    Video playback on YouTube works and Plex video streaming works when used via this method. (yes, I am the same Driverdis that wrote the tutorial)

    It uses Charles to redirect the Nintendo corporate page since it is not HTTPS and will not have and cert issues.

    I am new to Charles so I am sure there are a few things I can change but for now it works.
    YouTube works (no login support)
    Dailymotion fails to play back any videos (throws an error, not a system crash)
    FUNimation does not work for some reason as the HTML5 player messes up and does not allow the video to load
    Crunchyroll fails as it requires flash player

  5. stooged

    it does load plex but wont stream because it does not support flash but it does play html5 video, I have tested a mp4 and it plays but it looks like there is limited memory as it crashes after about 5 minutes of playing.

    fun times…

  6. stooged

    I see there is an update that says no audio with h264, my audio is working playing h264 with AAC audio.

  7. push it to the limit

    Can you watch ***?

  8. DJPlace

    it starts….

    • don17sch

      I am a bit unhappy about this as I am afraid of how Nintendo will react to another console being hacked like the 3ds was.

      • Leo

        I’m completely happy about this as I’m feed up with Nintendo launch stupid, week console year after year. Hope the switch flop once for all so Nintendo understands that nostalgia only does not work and maybe start working a real gaming machine.

  9. SilicaAndPina

    Wow.. just.. wow.

  10. SilicaAndPina

    Nintendo: We dont want hackers hackin the switch so lets remove the browser
    oh but dont ACTURALLY remove it. just make it so that only the hackers will find it and use it…

    …. what?

    • westlyroots

      it’s used for networks that force going to a site to connect and for social media. Without it, most of the public networks will be unconnectable and you wouldn’t be able to post things to places like facebook.

  11. Elkay

    Access to serve up unintended website content will be the entry point of the first major buffer overflow hack, mark my words.

  12. megumihan

    Whahahahha laughing as fck Now there is a Simple hack at Nintendo switch i wonder if Nintendo company gonna say about this XDDDD i was expecting to be 6 to 10 years before NS switch will be hack but seems its happening again :3

  13. Somerandomguy

    You guys are wrong. I’ve tested youtube, and some xxx sites….. both work for video streaming…

    You have to click the play button, then it will take you to the media player thats built into the switch.

  14. TheTechDoc

    It’s beenke 3 days haha, already there is some kind of user made program to do something Nintendo doesn’t like

  15. FeRKy

    wooow i spent 300$ on a game console to browse internet and play youtube videos!!! thats amazing!!!

  16. prikz

    rapidvideo works for some seconds, then the system crash

  17. Joe

    I predict this console is going to be hacked by the holidays or early-mid next year.

    • westlyroots

      and right you are: DOOM has successfully been ran, but video output isn’t there yet so they have to use a pc on spectator mode to see what they’re doing

  18. Jonathan

    I created if you want to make web browsing a bit easier. Hope you like it.

  19. Spideyfan624

    Can this be blocked with Parental Controls?