Current state of emulation on the PSVita – March 2017


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  2. Donopatay

    Know what? Im HANDSOME!!!

  3. Rolenzo

    I’m pretty happy with the state of affairs. It’s a crying shame we don’t have a great GBA emulator in retroarch, though.

    But for ps1, because of the fast forward option, it’s the best way to enjoy super robot wars @ Gaiden.

    Also, Tear Ring Saga (made by fire emblem team for ps1) runs perfectly on it.


      i did some gba testing and it was my feeling that in adrenaline the gba psp emus work just fine….

  4. Jesse

    So anything different than the OG PSP aside from possibly some different working N64 games?

    • Aurora

      Not really as of yet but we may see some more emulators if/when someone masters libGXM or some type of 3D hardware acceleration

  5. Niceman

    We still have high hopes for the ds emu 😛

  6. Drasglaf

    Thanks for the post.
    Just a small correction: I believe the name is Final Burn Alpha, not Burner.

  7. Alevan

    So no Dolphin Emu for PSVita? As it’s running on android phones, it should be able run on PSVita too, no?

  8. vitavita

    will we get an nds emu for vita

  9. Kleyon-

    “Sega Saturn: You can probably just forget it.”

    In fact Yabause core is on RetroArch ! But this emulator has always been on a really early alpha version :/ Didn’t tried it.

    Reicast !? That will be really cool !

  10. warfaren

    Thanks for summarizing the current state of things!

  11. meh

    meh, vita staying in my drawer with its 2 year old firmware where it has always been

  12. phonz

    Any good GBA emulation yet? I presume not since SNES is still pretty bouncy.

  13. Amigoz

    Vita is dead, leagcy system sony drop 1st party on it and no more aaa game on it just indie and nice games

    • Pacheko

      Certainly not dead to us, troll.

    • Fidiots galore in this world

      U must be living on some kinda hill hermit.

      • hmm

        I think he means he bought it ages ago to play proper AAA game games and not homebrew and indie games therefore says its dead……some people just have no interest in systems except for big game names…..but then why would he be here..shrugs lol

  14. Q13E5

    Im looking forward to the nintendo 64, and DS emulation.

  15. AkiyoSSJ

    So not possible to emulate PS2 and GameCube games? I mean at least with lower graphic and lower fps.

    • Chris

      Not even close to enough power for that by a long shot. Even N64 is going to be rough for a long time.

      • AkiyoSSJ

        I thought it can be a bit possible by making the games to have the graphic quality lowered and fps lower than how is on PS2,GC since lot of PS2 games got ported like MGS2,3.

        • ZeroSbr

          MGS 2 and 3 are not emulated on the system. They’re played natively, as are all the other ports. Today’s PCs still struggle with PS2 emulation because it’s just such a hard console to emulate. The Vita will never emulate PS2 games. If/when Sony finally decides to take a stab at the handheld market again in the future, that handheld might be able to emulate the PS2.

  16. NeonAera