How to install ARK (ePSP Custom Firmware) on PS Vita 3.63


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252 Responses

  1. artrad says:

    I followed the tutorial twice and each time it worked just fine until I attempted to launch a non-VitaFTP homebrew PBP from within OneMenu’s file browser; then it would just either black screen or go back to the LiveArea. I’ve tried PicoDrive and gpSP.

  2. NickWiss says:

    Just saying, I actually experimented with psp demos and did this before this tutorial or any other one came out. BTW I am not bragging. I don’t know even why I am still typing this.

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  3. Bigjim says:

    Does the PSP game have to be the full game or can I use a demo for thism

  4. Benjamin says:

    can anyone help me i have a problem regarding one menu when i press select it just go to config menu i cant go to browse can anyone help me please?

  5. Simon says:

    I’m getting stuck on step 6. What exactly do you mean ‘run using command line’? I tried the Windows CMD prompt. It fails with access denied message. My virus scanner says that psvimg-extract.exe is a virus.

    • Dragwar says:

      in the vimgtools folder press “shift” and then right click. you’ll see “open command window here” option.

      • Simon says:

        Cool thanks so I was doing it right with the CMD prompt.

        What about the access denied message? I’m loath to disable the virus scanner to run this as the scanner is saying this is a virus because, well, it is a virus right? Or is the scanner mistaken and it’s sage to run?

        • GOT_that_AK47 says:

          This probably means you are not running it as Administrator. Make sure the folder that it’s trying to write to isn’t set to read only mode. Being in Admin CMD should allow you read and write access, regardless.

  6. ssansyx says:

    i’m confused with ark. please someone answer me.
    1.ark doesn’t have audio? or just for psx games?
    2. ark runs psp games. should i finally give away my psp?
    3. for ark a psp game/demo is required to enable psp function and add ark?

    sorry, i’m just lost. very new to this.

    • YOOOO says:

      1) only PSX games dont have audio in ARK
      2) ARK does NOT run ALL psp games. ARK does not allow online connectivity. ARK does not allow plugins (i think). You should base your decision on the importance of these factors to you.
      3) Yes.

      • ssansyx says:

        thanks for responding man. online connectivity for psp gaming for me is not really something in my aim. i’ll be more than happy to check if peacewalker, persona 1/2 , type 0 and lunar work.


      • NickWiss says:

        ARK does support plugins. The dev made a homebrew for ARK that enables plugin

        • ssansyx says:

          thanks for the info nick. i have another question. i finally got ark withpsp games, snes and gba emulators. for psp games like peace walker. i’ve seen people enabling the second analog stick without cfw. is there a way to do it in onemenu/ark?

      • Mike says:

        With regards to ARK not being able to run all psp games, is this certain? Have you encountered it yourself? And would you happen to have a list of the psp games that don’t run on ARK? I’d appreciate it if you can confirm because I have 2 vita’s (a 3.60 and a 3.63), and I was planning on selling the 3.60, unless the 3.63 will indeed not be able to play some psp games. Thank you

        • ssansyx says:

          hey mike. tell me what game are you interested in having on your vita and i’ll test it for you. so far all the games i’ve been interested in having on my vita runs fantastic. been playing type 0 (eng patched) which is two discs merged in one and peace walker (if you hold the PS home button to change the wifi bluetooth settings, you’ll see ark settings on top. you can customize touchscreen and second thumbstick + graphic filtering. much better with second thumbstick).

          i’ve read of compability issues people had with adrenaline but some of the once i saw work fine for me. PSP games i have on my vita are that work perfectly:
          persona 3 p
          persona 2
          crisis core
          fate extra
          ff type 0
          kenka bancho badass rumble
          me and my katamari
          mgs peace walker

  7. McDerp says:

    Having trouble with step six, after clicking on psvinmg-extract the command prompt opens but then quickly closes.

    • fmata says:

      open cmd, type cd then space, then copy paste the directory of psvimg, press enter. then run the command above

  8. albert says:

    what if you dont have a psp game installed on your psvita 3.63?

    • Amilord says:

      Just grab a game demo on the psn (Ape Quest demo on EU store) on spend like 2 bucks for a Minis. Not really expensive considering what you will getfor free with ARK..

  9. Rambytes says:

    For me i’m stuck at step 1, i’m unable to find my PSN AID. Ive install QCMA, Open CMA and the official CMA and i see in QCMA my username but cannot find my AID.

    I have on my Vita two PSP game, but QCMA dont see anything to backup.

    I have Windows 10 with the anniversary update.

    Why i cannot pass the step 1??

    Thanks alot (from canada)

    • NickWiss says:

      Ok, for your AID there is a folder within a directory in the PSVITA documents folder. The folder will be named a bunch of random numbers and letters like (this is fake) df64s5d8f5s9df5665sddd (not the exact amount of letters and numbers). That is your AID. Next go to . If none of this makes sense, provide me an email and I’ll send ya a video.

  10. joe says:

    Same here I don’t ave a PSP game installed pls help

    • saidiop says:

      If you are on the EU store you can download “APE ESCAPE DEMO”, on the US STORE the cheaper game that worked for me was “CHAMELEON” (a puzzle game). Good luck

  11. da3 says:

    is it necessary to own a psp game ?

  12. joe says:

    Amilord and saidiop I don’t ave a credit card to do that here am in Nigeria can u guys help me out with maybe a redeem code for d game I beg of u guyz this my email plsssss anyone

  13. z3nGuru says:

    +wololo I got Nester to appear in OneMenu “homebrew” section on 3.63. I placed NesterJ inside PSP/SAVEDATA/ and zipped that PSP folder. Put zip file in ARK1234 and transfer it on device. In OneMenu zip should be visible (zip must be named ANYTHINGUPPERCASED.ZIP or you wont see it). Click to install it and after trough vitaftp you can confirm that Nester folder is placed in /PSP/SAVEDATA/ and accessible trought OneMenu “homebrew”. Br, Zlatko

    • ssansyx says:

      hackinformer has a lit of emulators for vhbl. i suggest you download the ones you are interested in. extract the INSTALL.ZIP (delete it because you will zippit again) and add the the games you want to the roms folder if it doesn’t have one just add one. then the install zip you extracted with the name of the emulator just archive that folder again. on winrar. once you right click >add to archive> named it INSTALL.ZIP. look at the the compression method >click and chose “store” then hit okay. take that emulator folder and throw in where you ark folder is. doesn’t have to be inside the ark one. refresh database on QMCA and copy the files from pc to vita. just copy the emulator folders you have.

      on your vita open ark> if you installed vhbl open it. browse your files in the save data and install the emulator from there and it should work 🙂

  14. joe says:

    Saidop amylord can u guys help me out here i sray in nigeriavi dnt even ave a credit card to buy onevof does games pls can u send me a redeem code or anytin to buy it plsss my email

  15. jack says:

    hello how are you doing? im stuck at point 6 i wright 6.Run “psvimg-extract -K my key game.psvimg game”. and it say me its not recognize as a command

  16. Pulla says:

    I have ps vita 3.63, I have never done jailbreak, will this ARK works on my console?
    I have tried with the steps above but this didn’t worked.

    • srini says:

      it worked for me, Thanks a lot, my console has internal memory of 1GB, I was trying with that, I brought new memory card with that It worked, thank you very much all who has made it work (, xyz, Proxima, qwikarzor87 and Davee)

  17. Nolan says:

    I cant run homebrews but no trouble playing psp games. Can someone help me to run homebrews on 3.63

    • Christian says:

      i try with a lot psp iso and cso and i can see in onemenu but not working.. need to patch psp games or something??

  18. C.A says:

    Thanks, it works on my Vita 3.63 OFW

  19. Kelvin says:

    “From here open up your favorite FTP client and connect to your vita by punching in the ip address vitaftp gives you. If the address it gives you is then double check that your vita is connected to the internet and restart ARK.

    Once you have connected to your vita through FTP simply transfer your homebrew, isos/csos etc over to your vita and place them in the ISO folder.”

    I don’t understand this. I don’t know how to transfer my ISO’s because I can’t find said ISO folder in my PC to transfer to.

    • tuxdude says:

      The iso folder you’re looking for is on your PLAYSTATION VITA, it is not on your PC. I even specified in the tutorial “transfer your homebrew. isos/csos etc over to your VITA AND PLACE THEM IN THE ISO FOLDER”. Basically, you FTP them and place them in the ISO folder ON YOUR VITA

  20. Nolan says:

    Why cant i install homebrews or run them?

    • NickWiss says:

      Did you zip the homebrew files and named it INSTALL.ZIP (ar any other name)? If not, do this, then FTP it (to any folder). Next, on your vita, go to this and extract it to any directory ( I prefer VHBL directory because it scans there automatically [you can disable this function to scan in the VHBL folder] but you can do whatever you want). Now, it should extract and then instead of an eboot.pbp, there should be a vboot.pbp. Press X and it should launch! If none of this makes sense, tell me what you’re confused on.

  21. shehab says:

    it give me an error bad file when extracting and it just extract the eboot file not pboot please help

  22. tariq iqbal says:

    Can any one tell me how to get HENkaku on ps vita 3.63 FW
    Please I need Help

    • franz says:

      cant sad af bought my vita then its 3.61 already might aswell upgrade lol.. henkaku only wok for 3.60

  23. lucas says:

    Man i did everything as instructed but i got the error C0-11136-2 It’s not possible to run this app

  24. hitagi008 says:

    does the PSN still working with this FW? i mean for the PSVita games.

  25. Morgan says:

    All links to one menu fail.. anyone got a working download link

  26. Zance21 says:

    After I copy the contents of the ARK bubble over the the psvita, he bubble for the psp game I used is no longer there and I can’t find the ARK bubble anywhere. II need help!

  27. Dan says:

    Can’t make QCMA recognize my PS Vita, it just says ”no ps vita registered”. I’m on 3.61.

  28. Roni says:

    I have a question: what if I don’t have any game on my PS Vita to make the backup? Like me for sample, I don’t have any, how am I suppose to do this if when I get try to get a game from PSN it not allow me to enter it without updating the firmware?

    • Simon says:

      I might be wrong as I can’t check this, but can’t you log in to PSN on a PC, select the game you want and set it to download? Then just boot up your Vita and the game will start to download without having to access PSN directly.

  29. Dani says:

    I’m stuck at step six, I really didn’t understand. I used psvimg-extract -K my key game.psvimg game in the correct directory and still it gives me the same message, not recognize as a command.

  30. Luc says:

    Does anyone still have the One Menu, as the one posted here don’t work anymore, someone removed the drop box file and we can’t have it anymore.

  31. Aiden Pierce says:

    Can someone please reupload the OneMenuVFinal? All the links are dead

    • Morgan says:

      I have managed to get 138menu working ok. Also I have found that just dropping PSP ISO’s in the ARK_01234 folder (with an ALL CAPS name.. i.e GAME.ISO allows them to run from the ARK menu immediatly)

  32. Morgan says:

    SOmeone has uploaded onemenu here

  33. Lord Darton Staker says:

    I’m wondering… The ARK file PBOOT.PBP is different from the original files EBOOT.PBP, Do I have to still convert the eboot.pbp to pboot.pbp or will simply renaming it to pboot.pbp be fine? or do I just delete the EBOOT.PBP and Paste the PBoot and rebuild the game using the psimg?

  34. DJPlace says:

    is there a way to use cheats for PSP on this? i can’t access the recovery mode so what am i doing wrong?

  35. FraughtQuill says:

    Small problem, Qcma wont open… It says it is opened and it appears to be doing things but there isnt a menu, or anything. Everytime i click it, it says “there is an instance of Qcma running already”. What on earth do i do?

  36. axkontn says:

    ONEMenu link not wooork

    • Morgan says:

      Read the comments above, working links found as its a common problem not likely to be fixed any time soon

  37. Leo says:

    I’ve tried this with a bunch of PSP games, but every time I extracted the backed up game.psvimg file, I end up with an EBOOT.PBP file (not a PBOOT.PBP file). Is there any specific game I should try this with?

    • Simon says:

      I get the same. As other people have commented above, just put the ARK PBOOT.PBP file in the same folder as your EBOOT.PBP and it works. Did for me anyway. FYI it worked with the ‘Ape Quest Demo’, then I tried again using ‘Arcade Darts’ which I already owned (got it free when I bought the Vita I think) as Darts is only 25Mb vs 200+ for AQ.

  38. gmxw says:

    I am stuck at point 9
    When I try to restore the backup, the ps vita says “An error occured. (C2-12858-4)”

    • simon says:

      Check your cmd output in step 8. Mine kept giving me a warning as it was missing a file as ‘game’ directory didn’t exist. I renamed the folder created in step 6 to ‘game’ and it worked. I found trying to copy a package created with warnings gave me the error you are seeing.

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