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How to install ARK (ePSP Custom Firmware) on PS Vita 3.63


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  1. mecgsg1 says:

    ok so should i install this or stay on 3.60?

  2. dabears says:

    Step 7 says to overwrite the PBOOT in the output folder but i’m only getting EBOOTs.

  3. tim allen says:

    the psvimg extract crashes immediately whenever i try to open it :/

  4. John says:

    can someone plz make a video on how to do this plz

  5. i386 says:

    A build of OneMenu that would default to the ISO folder would be nice..

  6. Dantenerosas says:

    Everything worked just fine. Already playing some PSP hombrews on my 3.63 vita 😀
    You can just put PBOOT alongside EBOOT. I hadn’t try just deleteing EBOOT

  7. jansrex says:

    Hi guys…need help…my AID key is 0000000000000000…already login to PSN….i cant procced…how to fix this?…tnx in advance…

  8. rob says:

    I have secured “AID”, where do I paste it? And ow do I use the PSivmg-extract.exe exactly? When I run it, it open and closes immediately.

  9. rob says:

    I hav my “AID”, where exactly do I paste it (do I replace the “game.psimvg” file name)? Can anyone specify? And how do I run “psvimg-extract.exe” to extract “game.psimvg”? Because when I attempt to open, it runs and closes immediately. I’ll appreciate any help.

    • wren says:

      Follow step 2 to get your AID’s decryption key.

      Open a command line, and navigate to the folder you extracted the psvimg tools into. Then run psvimg-extract.

  10. BroDEN says:

    Now copying the psp games into my 3.63 XDDDDDD
    thank you so much developers XDDD

  11. odyle54 says:

    With this pboot method, could we expect to put our own eboot and play ps1 game we want ?

  12. meysam25 says:

    its not work for me 🙁
    its will sey the game is cruppted

  13. monster says:

    i did install ark and onemenu, but my games wont start, tried gran tourismo, wipeoot pure and pulse, some homebrew like deadelus64 and snes emu, i cant start not one ofthese, did i do something wrong, all games have separated folder inside iso folder

  14. d00d says:

    Did everything up to the part where I have to copy the modified game back to my vita but I get an error (C2-12858-4). Tried several times with several games and still no luck. Any ideas?

  15. Masta_T says:

    Thanks a million for this one!
    I just wanted to say that not every game boots for me. While games that boot work perfect, others cannot boot and just exit to the bubble screen or shows the numbers-letters error.
    What can be the reason? Maybe the region of the game US/EU or the game used to create the bubble?
    I’ve successfully created the Ark bubble with Persona 2 PSP game and also with Idiot Squad PSP Mini.
    I am on OFW 3.63.

  16. Helpfulperson says:

    Why does my bubble picture not change but the name and livearea does.

  17. ItsRainingFrogs says:

    Thanks for the amazing guide, I can finally enjoy Valkyria Chronicles 3 english patched on my Vita 3.63… a dream come true!

    Anyone knows if there is a way to make the DLCs work?
    I uploaded them via FTP on PSP/GAME/*GAME ID* , the transfer has been completed succesfully, but the folder don’t show up on ARK

    • dabears says:

      I think you just re-enter the passwords ingame to unlock again.

      • ItsRainingFrogs says:

        I’m talking about the paid DLCs, the ones that unlock Valkyria Riela and such… anyhow, I can live without them 😉

    • z3nGuru says:

      I got Nester to appear in OneMenu “homebrew” section on 3.63. I placed NesterJ inside PSP/SAVEDATA/ and zipped that PSP folder. Put zip file in ARK1234 and transfer it on device. In OneMenu zip should be visible (zip must be named ANYTHINGUPPERCASED.ZIP or you wont see it). Click to install it and after trough vitaftp you can confirm that Nester folder is placed in /PSP/SAVEDATA/ and accessible trought OneMenu “homebrew”. Br, Zlatko

  18. Nxtsu says:

    When I ran psvimg-extract in CMD i got ” open : no such file or directory” anyone can fix that?

    • Thatoneguy says:

      it’ll be like this “psvimg-extract_-K_YOURKEYHERE_game.psvimg_game”

      The underscore are when you put spaces. DO not put underscore in the CMD

  19. Dorothy says:

    Any way without psp backup game?

    • Helpfulperson says:

      no but if you are in EU look up ape quest. and if you have ps plus chances are you could get a psp game in a few weeks.

  20. noctis says:

    how do i find my game.psvimg i cant find it in my pgame folder. i found my aid but there is nothing in the folder

  21. Ganielle says:

    so first you need a psp game on your ps vita ? what do i do if i don’t have any psp game on my vita

  22. night hunter says:

    how do i restore the backup after overwriting the game.psvimg and psvmd to my cma folder

  23. Evrae says:

    I dont have a psp game to backup game to computer with. Do i need to buy a psp game in the ps store?

  24. Noctis says:

    When I try loading up ark it crashes and gives me an error on the psvita. Can someone help on how to properly make this work and what game should I use to make the custom bubble?

  25. keenan says:

    can i copy my save data game from pc to vita so i can continue the game

  26. Prompto says:

    How do I copy the ark folder to My psvita?

  27. harambe says:

    i get error (C1-2858-3)
    Whe i try and boot one menu help

  28. John says:

    Can anyone give me a Link for all the Homebrews for 3.63 plz

  29. sticet says:

    Can every one teach me in a step 7? I don’t know how should i do it Plz

  30. garam says:

    Please convert the program 64 bit 32 bit PSVIMGtools

  31. Bonkel says:

    ISO doNT Start i ve make bubble with angry bird Mini is this the Problem? Which game i should Use instand? What to buy in psn shop

  32. Bebax says:

    First : Ark for 3.60+ Firmware –> thanks guys !
    Next step : Henkaku or his next little brother for 3.60+ ps vita !
    Keep believe !

  33. bri says:

    will my vita get bricked if i use or install this uncorrectly thanks

  34. Evrae says:

    Once Ark opens, black screen then closes. Can anyone help me?

  35. LAA says:

    I’ve been wanting to install henkaku and ARK for a while, however not sure whether now is the time or not.
    Currently my Vita is on 3.18 using the Patapon 2 JP exploit (Which I believe was a kernel exploit), which I use to boot into PSP TNV I believe and to play PSP backups/cheats/homebrew there.
    Will ARK and Henkaku allow me to continue to this?


  36. Leco says:

    Can’t open psvimgtools for win64 download link… Is it down?

  37. erebos says:

    Hi, I installed ARK with this method, using the Ape Quest demo (NPEG00005). Runs fine. But I’d like to install VHBL now. Is it possible to use the same game ? I tried to copy and rename the game folder in QCMA as well as editing param.sfo and other files to match the “new” name. (ie: I used NPEG00004 as new name). This is not working. When transfering back with QCMA I got an error.
    plz somebody help me 🙂

  1. February 25, 2017

    […] The short answer is no. You can however run and install a PSP Custom Firmware (ARK) on your 3.63 PS Vita, as of February 2017. […]

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