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How to install ARK (ePSP Custom Firmware) on PS Vita 3.63


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  1. Iddqd says:

    I just want to see ark on 3.65 in the future..

    • none says:

      i agree im stuck on 3.65 and i think we should raise our voices higher and demand it be looked at at least for psp emulation and homebrew…..

  2. blade says:

    I just want to see ARK on 3.65 in the future.. asap ok

  3. MajinKaan says:

    Im on 3.61 and no matter what I try I cant get a PSP game on my Vita. I already tried Vita Update Blocker and I also tried copying via my PS3.

  4. Jeremy says:

    what if i’m on firmware 3.65

  5. nicola says:

    i have a 3.63 but i can’t download any psp games beacause a can’t acces to th ps stor can anyone help me?

  6. Wesley says:

    Can this be run on 3.67 yet? I literally drove to all the gamestops within 2 hours of me and no one has one new or used that is lower than 3.67 firmware. 🙁

  7. Thiago says:

    Stuck on step 4. In order to download a PSP game, the PSVita asks me to upgrade its system.

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