PS Vita 3.63 owners rejoice: Hidden Applications are here for you

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  1. angelo

    first to rejoice!!!!

  2. DaBoss

    Damn. Second to rejoice!! Finally

  3. ZeroFX

    im 3.60 hahahah

  4. KYABE

    So this means finally i can play DANGANRONPA V3 and SWORD ART ONLINE HOLLOW REALIZATION? and all games post 3.61?????

  5. Reddit user IDumpVitaStuff >__<

    • idk why my comment got cut off there. but yea wololo doesnt read its own fourms. xD SilicaAndPina IS IDumpVitaStuff. i just use that name on reddit for.. well “various reasons” anyway i posted this to wololo /talk but no one noticed?

  6. vita75

    please video tutorial
    step by step…tx
    my psvita 3.63 re update 3.60 not working

  7. JohnnyLove007


  8. Admon

    it says that I cant copy the hidenapps folder because it’s not my account T_T, I followed all the steps correctly

  9. igito

    Why i can’t open package installer? black screen and C2-12570-5 error

  10. igito

    I get C2-12570-5 error when i open Package Installer?

  11. David

    Hola, Tengo 3.60 con Henkaky, Trato de hacer todo el preoceso pero no me reconoce Copia de seguridad
    ESte sistema funciona para 3.60?

  12. David Mata

    Sirve para 3.60?¿

  13. talmagal

    and this is why im glad i picked up a second vita at 3.57 metal slime edition got for cheap

  14. jeeze

    All these comments about package installer error. Do people not fully read articles? seriously, your copying files over to your vita and yet u don’t even read the full article? PACKAGE INSTALLER DOESN’T WORK ON RETAIL VITAS (99% chance the one ur using)

  15. Warning

    Wololo idumpvitastuff = SilicaAndPina on twitter aka the wannabe hacker. BE CAREFUL.

  16. Anonymous Here

    It’s not showing anything at backups…
    Any help for me?

  17. Steelkey

    To install ark-2 or vhbl perfect application !!!

  18. Frank

    Nice, so I will be able to modify the Whitelist to play World Of Final Fantasy on my 3.63 Vita TV someday.

  19. B10N10n

    What I’m wondering is how the heck did he make the license file… I must know for my first release

    • SilicaAndPina

      I didnt, xD Hidden applications doesnt need a license file, you can install stuff with invalid content just not run.
      my app doesnt run anything.

  20. jansrex

    need help guys….my AID key is just 0000000000000000….im on 3.63 ….
    tnx in advance

  21. Moises

    the app of content manager said me: this app can be copy because this app its not your business…. Why said me that? im a bad lucky :”(

  22. Admon

    I tried so many times with the same results, it always says that it cant copy it because it’s not mine T_T

  23. shaban

    Please give me video tutorial

  24. MrFwibbles

    This isn’t working for me. I installed the app, but switching accounts never works. It just finishes signing in to my current account, or asks me to enable wi-fi. We need a video showing the timing, if this does really work.

    • MrFwibbles

      Update: Switching accounts does work, but it’s very finnicky. Every time, it takes several attempts to get the login screen to come up instead of an error.

  25. perfig

    I lost one of my vitas with 3.60. Should I update the other to 3.63 (I think it’s in 3.5X)?

  26. Super Mario

    I am on 3.63 and i am new to this and maybe asking a stupid question, but how do i make vita backup? I dont understand how to get AID. Can someone please explain? Thx