PS Vita: A clarification about F00D


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  1. David


    • David

      And more specifically well done for admitting but was it that harmful that this was necessary?

      Some people take this stuff way too seriously.

  2. Aljoriz

    At least that clarifies things.

  3. mr noob

    I don’t understand. What is the point of hacking f00d if it can’t even make henkaku permanent etc than?
    Why are some people trying to hack f00d when it’s harder than finding kernel exploit? Surely kernel exploits are more useful for many people.

    • PoliteTimesplitter

      From the article: “This whole endeavor is basically a challenge for us like summiting Everest–only interesting to people who really care about that stuff.”

      In other words: It’s because it’s a challenge for a hacker. ‘Why do you do it?’ ‘To see if we can’. You know how you play video games for fun? Hackers, often, don’t hack for you. They hack for inherent fun and achievement. They’re more interested in the kick they’ll get out of this than hacking 3.61+.

      • ZeroSbr

        Yes, but is the reward of “I did it…!” really worth the trouble it takes? I would think that it would be more rewarding to gain the ability to not have to boot HENkaku every time you power on, or 3.63 PSN spoofing in return for your hacking efforts. It’s not like end users are the only ones who would benefit from this either; the hackers themselves would also benefit, as they play video games too. I just don’t get why they would focus on hacking something that won’t help anyone, even themselves. If it’s a harder task than getting the stuff end users actually want, it makes even less sense.

        • Jack Attack

          People like to build stuff you already can buy, often in better quality. Car models, airplane models, etc.

          It’s about the challenge, much like putting together a cardboard puzzle. You could easily bypass those modes of hobby to get the “result” but you’re not exactly doing them for the result only, but the process.

          Basically, hacking f00d is implementing a thought exercise. Just like how scientists will do certain experiments just to see if they can, even if they know there’s no practical implementation for the result.

          This is simply a challenge with no goal or solution in mind. An exercise.

        • Rylai

          These hackers aren’t up for rewards or fame. They’re doing this for fun. This is me saying as I am a programmer and I do feel the reasoning behind this.

          To make it simple let me ask you as a gamer.

          Why do you play a game? What rewards would you get if you finish it? You don’t get any money nor fame by completing it plus it’s wasting your time. So why are you still buying games and playing them?

          Answer that and your answer should be applicable to your question also.

        • Baktillus

          Because its not a job. Its a hobby.
          It’s like bob taking apart his old remote control to see if he can put it back together.

          ” I would think that it would be more rewarding to gain the ability to not have to boot HENkaku every time you power on, or 3.63 PSN spoofing in return for your hacking efforts”

          Sure, but if you have no entry point to do that but you DO have an entry point for some very low level highly interesting stuff then you will go for that. Specially if you are interested in cryptography and low level system processes.

      • orange peel


    • Jonny

      Basically weird hacker’s ***.
      Nothing more than that. We won’t benefit from it other than looking at yifan bukkake to our faces.
      He feels good about it, but we won’t.

    • PigsFly

      It’s all about bragging rights, noob.

  4. Mud

    Don’t sweat it wololo,
    I’ve been a fan since Wagic and thinks for that great home brew.
    I think in all the things I’ve read on this you’ve said you’re just guessing or speculate it may lead to bigger things but not to get your hopes up.

    Anyway this doesn’t hurt your repatriation at all with me.

    I think people where hearing what they wanted to hear and things got sc*** up in the grape vine.

    Love the blog keep on keeping on.

  5. MarSprite

    In the end any information uncovered about how the VITA works is one more thing that we know. The more we know, the more we can do with what we know. I think that figuring out f00d will be useful if only for increasing what is known about the VITA. I look forward to further developments.

  6. blah

    People are entitled and dumb, they’ll froth at the mouth on anything, and there will even be sides taken.

    It’s a shame that this article needs to be published, people can’t pull some consideration and critical thinking together for a tiny bit to realize it’s not carved in stone, they don’t owe us *** all, and acting like children isn’t going to accomplish anything.


    • yea

      This is the same reason I barely read the comments now, it’s always filled with entitled kids moaning “I don’t care, give me free games” all the time

  7. Robert

    Waiting for more hacks anyway

  8. Yes

    Gotta respect the fact you put your hands up in the air and told everyone you were wrong. Takes a lot of ***, especially when you’re renown for being a reliable source.

    That said, it was speculation and as you said, you’re less involved now. So, realistically I don’t think you’ll have done more harm than good in the long run. Perhaps a little confusion but this article clears things up entirely.

    Thanks for being so honest and still helping the scene after all these years.

  9. Copy Mirror

    Eh… I just want a hack for 3.63 and so do a lot of other people and no one seems to be picking it up.
    I could use TN-V but I don’t know anyone who would help me for free.

    • Copy Mirror

      I mean ARK not TN-V…

    • Baktillus

      Okay. Get to work then.

      It annoys the *** out of me how people beg for specific hacks all day. Its not like these things just appear, or just need a little bit of spit and motivation to get done.

      Thank the devs for the work they put into the scene and keep your impatience to yourself.

      That being said, head over to and post either in the weekly thread, or main page that you are looking for someone to make you a bubble. Every post ive seen about that resulted in someon providing a bubble 🙂

  10. fatman01923

    Trust me wololo, being a member since 09 (I think) this is still my number one stop to go to for all things ps vita/hacking related.

    It would take a lot more inaccurate articles to tarnish the wololo site. 🙂

  11. c

    listo para servir 🙂

  12. Roxorox

    What if the PS Vita game card slot could read SD cards someday? that would rule. Keep up all hard work guys. still looking forward to more exciting releases for the PS Vita scene.

  13. Meysam25

    Don’t worry , it’s happened for all of us thanks for informing us

  14. brunolab

    Hacking F00D will Bring peace to the middle east, make Hillary president and my feet will smell like cookies

  15. Franci95

    I do not trusted never to yifan lu And I Had reason

  16. senas

    No worries wololo… but thank you for coming out and saying you jumped to conclusions.. No harm done tho.

  17. feek

    thanks for the clarifying wololo! better correct the record before we will get hyped for no reason

  18. CosmicTacoCat

    That picture is totally from Final Fantasy XV isn’t it?

  19. mmm

    mmmm Food, I’ll have whats in the pic

  20. FoxNews

    A newssite actually admiting an error and clearifing it ? what is going on ?

  21. Hardin

    Well I hope Yifan Lu keeps in mind that the people who would “turn” on them are children and unbalanced folks. The rest of us are very grateful, though we might be less vocal/active than the rest of them.

  22. Jomann

    Anyone who gets upset that these devs aren’t working on their favorite hacker are selfish and entitled and possibly underage, but most certainly immature.

    They don’t hack to make you happy, they don’t hack so you can steal games, they don’t hack to make your life easier.

    They hack because they hack. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Get over yourself.

  23. SayNo_2_Zionism

    TRANSLATION: This new hack will help us gain complete control of the PS VITA and make it run any game and even make you a sandwich.

    We will NOT release this FULL hack, however, to you plebeians. Instead, you’ll get a crippled version unless some unsung HERO comes along and leaks the whole thing, like it happened with Vitamin.

  24. Tetsuzan

    Wow I’m really surprised at the amount of guts it took to post this article. I’ve only recently got into the vita scene, after quitting the PSP for a bit. I was lucky enough to get a vita below 3.6.1-etc; and I’m really thankful for all the info and help that I’ve gotten from this site. Thank you so much for the hours of fun.

  25. Saladboy

    Who knows maybe they’ll find an from sony created artificial intelligence wich is meant to destroy the human species and start a new age of electronical species in all sorts like mechanical dinosaurs and some humans who stayed alive became kids over generations and founded a new tribe which now is less advanced than bevor but fights against this mechanical dinosaurs tha would be funny. I think i’ll call this future “the horizon”……. Wait a second i know this from somewhere ;D

  26. scene

    Wololo, your overall problem is (as you have pointed) that you see yourself as some kind of authority in the hacking community just because you kinda participated in the PSP days. The reality is that these days you are no more than a niche blogger adicted to click bait, desesperatedly trying to keep your blog relevant to get some money revenue with ads. Proof of it is that every post you do you have to make another one to apologise or clarify drama queen style. Limit yourself to post release news and keep your opinion under wraps.

    • wololo

      I am still right more often than pretty much every other scene site out there. If one day there is a site that can consistently do better than us at explaining what’s going on with the scene, maybe I’ll consider stopping. Until then, I’ll humbly claim I’m the best thing you’ve got.