PS Vita: Did F00D get hacked? (and should you care?)


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  1. (+[___]::)

    Pretty sure Yifan confirmed that this is legit

  2. Mangaboy

    “It is believed that exploiting F00D could lead to a permanent hack, that possibly couldn’t be patched without a hardware upgrade of the PS Vita.”
    In other words, maybe we can safely upgrade to 3.63 and keep the hack?

    • wololo

      That’s honestly unclear to me and I have heard both “yes” and “no” to this question from trusted people

      • hans

        But why think that? On PS3 and PSP sony was able to patch lv0. Why they shouldent do that with the Vita?

        • dark

          not true because its still hackt 🙂 but the newer models got a modified Hardware so it wasn’t possible to hack that YET

        • Wrozen

          They didn’t patch lv0 on the PS3… Which is why everytime there’s a new ofw, there’s a new cfw within days.

          • Hans

            Yes but u can only install it from fw 3.55 and downgrade only possible with a flasher so it dosent really help if you are on newer fw

        • wololo

          On PSP they needed a new hardware revision (the PSP 2000) to fix lots of the deeper flaws. The Vita is already a device of the past and will not get new hardware revisions

  3. warfaren

    Wouldn’t it also allow us to boot things like Linux and Android on the Vita? If so, that would be incredibly neat and worth getting excited over!

    • Xstationbr

      VITA run android ? Will be a ruine cause hardware of PS VITA is defased and can’t run decently an Android 5 cause PS VITA had only 512MB RAM CPU is less 2GHZ then don’t wait this.

  4. Panda

    If it truly would take a new hardware revision of the Vita to patch this then my money’s on the f00d hack/exploit being applicable to all updates once installed. There’s not much they can do to patch it software wise if the security is compromised already.

  5. mmm FOOD

    Octopus and FOOD processors….man I’m hungry.

  6. Franky

    I hope so, I think the Vita scene needs this hack to be real.

  7. Grumpy old Men

    FOOD hack means the POSSIBILITY to reverse any past, present and future firmware update; fill out the blanks yourself.

  8. jansrex

    Hi guys, anyone here to help me about my 3.63 console?…its possible to install ark bubble?….

  9. ANU815

    I wouldn’t discount how great a permanent hack would be. Personally I’d be more excited about that than just another entry point on 3.63.

  10. meysam25

    why no one work on ps4 hack 🙁
    the hacker did great job with vita ;
    plz put some time on ps4

    • WahteverOblastshey

      Different CPU/GPU components. The PS-Vita uses an ARM based set up based on Free BSD-ARM. Last I checked, PS4 is an i386 x64 bit based free-bsd. So you have two different CPU instruction set based architectures; with different hardware compatible features; using Webkit. Yes, Webkit is multiplatform but you can’t add hardware platform compatibility natively (easier to port).

      Note I mentioned Webkit due to past Vita and PS4 based exploits… No idea what this may be using, tbh… Don’t care.

  11. ZeroSbr

    I’d say this is big news for everyone who was wise enough to stay on 3.60. Not having to run a program every time you start up the console would be AMAZING.

  12. PoliteTimesplitter

    This is only tangential, but what did Yifan mean by ‘CTF challenge’? Does it stand for something other than ‘Capture the Flag’, similar to how designing the first of a kind of exploit (e.g. the first dump tool) is often referred to as a ‘King of the Hill’ (KotH) challenge?

    • wololo

      Hmm, not sure. Now that you mention it, I mistook it for their KoTH challenge, so he probably meant something else, similar to what you mention here.


    No, f00d did not got ‘hacked’.
    Its just an hardware component who runs code based on the input he gets from real processor and returns a result. The only way to ‘hack it’ is to send so called inputs(packets) which right now its not fully decompiled/documented to even try some basic stuff like validate/signing packages/updates or whatever.

  14. Tesseract

    I’m hoping this leads to a viable entry point on 3.63 (my vita was bought used and had 3.63 already). At the least it seems unlikely that F00d would have been altered much between 3.60 and 3.63 since there wasn’t a known exploit for Sony to target.

  15. Alpmaster007

    What about Henkaku on older firmwares that would be awesome?

    • Donopatay

      Or you can just manually update to 3.60 if you have an older firmware. I think there really is no point staying in firmwares below 3.60 right now if you just want hacks and homebrews.

  16. Arisbell

    So could i play DANGANRONPA V3 soon?

  17. Chris Burdick