Rumors of a PS4 4.50 hack


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  1. F4r1nha says:

    The scene never spreads the process of searching and excecuting, we only know something when there is already something prepared and tested. This guy should keep his mouth before releasing news about because if he already have a mixed reputation, it may drop to low or 0 soon if all this *** is fake and he only wants to get some free consoles.

  2. nebu_187 says:


    • TheRealGuy says:

      this is just stupid who cares.. nobody wants to read “firajfs” “gifslkg” “first” “sedco” all because yall are in such a rush to be “first” it is stupid and really just bring the quality of comments down.. look thru “wololo” any article has the same thing.. grow up..

  3. Very interesting article Wololo. Always on the lookout for the users. We are on the same page here as I’m trying to fully trust this post on psxhax but without evidence whatsoever, this could be a well elaborate hax.

  4. DSpider says:

    I’d purchase a PS4 Pro in a heartbeat if an exploit was released. Problem is, I still have a pretty large PS3 backlog of games that I haven’t finished yet…

  5. Albert Covington says:

    First of all, BS! Secondly, Would you publicly announce a “defect” in a firmware that is currently in beta whether it’s a hardmod or not??!! This has dog turds written all over it.

    • mikeb says:

      Sony can’t fix the problem if no details are provided and if details were provided it would give others a chance to try and exploit the same bug

  6. Mulder says:

    Good news, a little weird imho

  7. Ecchijin says:

    My alarm screaming when he mentioning about log file on PC.

  8. megumihan says:

    There so many NUBS today jeez Rumors -_-

  9. Reymon says:

    Hope is true.. And I think.. first

  10. Zant says:

    I hate to see people just smearing Racer0018 and nobody defending him. I personally do not think he has any development of a hack itself, but he is very knowledgeable about the hardware on both PS3 and PS4. Likely he is the frontman for a bigger scene. My dealings with him in terms of PS3 hardware and tools has been 100% satisfactory and he’s a great guy.

    • wololo says:

      As I said, he’s had a mixed track record. I’m not trying to directly attack a guy I don’t know myself, but he’s making some very ballsy statements and has nothing to back them up. Giving him the benefit of the doubt I looked him up on google and found that he does not have a particularly brilliant history. Reminds me of xmax katsu in a way: has done a few legit things, but also a lot of false claims, very difficult to understand that kind of person. Then again, it’s also possible he’s in with people who truly believe they have something, but might also be far off. This wouldn’t be unheard of in the scene, where noob hackers think they have the next exploit just because they have a crash or were able to download an xml file through a proxy.

  11. PlaGeRaN says:

    So not worth it, possibilities of bricking your ps4 just to connect a bus pirate type device for a logcat?

    I’m advising everyone not to do this. To many risks involved with let guarantee of anything.

    If you can get the python files mentioned, study it and don’t share it online, send it to wololo who might know someone that can use it.

  12. AcromioClavicular says:

    Rumors? Maybe they will come true if spread well enough…(aka persona 2)

  13. andre says:

    Cant sleep only wait for it 🙂

  14. andre says:

    cant eat and sleep only wait for it

  15. Daniel_migo says:

    I have one ps4 from launch on 1.76 … so up until something worth while is out, i’ll keep it on that firmware… and keep ‘playing’ with what is already on the scene!

  16. WereDoomedAgain says:

    Another fake news by PsxHax users?
    Searching for beta-testers in a public forum is the worst thing a hacker can do, what if volunteer is from Sony? lol

  17. Laci says:

    Next month, next rumour… I dont believe in hack, just wait and pray…

  18. spok says:

    fake or not – lets hope it will be released after official FW 4.5 and not before otherwise it will be a waste (noone wants to get stuck on beta-CFW:)

  19. Houston says:

    Psxhax’s admin force members and moderators to share news, something big for the front-page, so they end up with rumors, deleted tweets, hypes and fake news.

  20. k says:

    If psxhax is correct wololo is ***.

    Fix your mobile site btw, its the worst *** i have seen, above 75℅ adds

    • wololo says:

      if psxhax is correct I’ll apologize and you can be sure this will be on the frontpage of Then again, I can’t remember a *single* time that I have called out psxhax or their former website ps3news and I turned out to be wrong. But what the heck do I know, I’ve only been on the scene for 11 years.

      And point taken about the mobile site. I’m working with an external company for the layout and the ads, and the results are… what they are. Will improve with time.

    • Jisha says:

      Psxhax’s frontpage is like a false-positive pregnancy news! lol

  21. Tony says:

    I wonder if this has something to do with the new extenal hard drive support.

  22. Souseke Sagara says:


  23. NoBody says:

    True or not, what the scene is lacking is someone willing to provide hombrew. The homebrew most are after, which is backup dumpers and loaders. A system running a freebsd hybrid on not to foreign hardware is no issue, yet since the ps4 got kernel access available to the user we have seen nothing publicly.

    Hacking today has been tarnished with lawsuit fears, $ over pride for drm devices providers and lastly something to tease in the hope of a high end job offer in the computing science field.

    This is clearly not the place to do it, but i’d bet my left nut if a high enough bounty with a reputable site was on offer a hack on latest firmware and loaders would creep out from under the rock their hiding almost instantly.

    To me, thats a sad thing. Its like sport these days with the love of the game gone from the players perspective, playing for your team in the area you grew up gone all but finished. With whatever sporting team one follows selling local players and buying ones from your rival teams next season., kinda laughing at the fan who doesn’t see behind the curtain.

  24. Vesly says:

    Hello, do You mean this user ? (racer0018)

  25. legolasek says:

    i will try it but i afraid about my ps4 :/

  26. Kr3Jzol5PL says:

    Hello Hmm after days and hours i finally can play remote play thanks all guys love you all ;))

  27. nakedfaerie says:

    idiots. why do you think $ony have delayed the release of firmware 4.5? could it be this post?
    they read posts like this and try to patch the holes you exploit so instead of having the firmware released and a lot of happy ps4 owners you wanted to make a name for yourself and they delayed its release.
    next time shut up, wait for it to be released before going on about exploits.
    so you wasted an exploit trying to make a name for yourself. happy ***!

  28. MopedGaming says:

    About your comment on him asking for beta testers publiclly . You have to consider, not a ton of people have the PS4 Pro yet and even fewer of those have are beta testing the firmware. How else was he supposed to get his message out?

  29. PatrickBatman says:

    I concur. I wrote, moderated, admined, QA’ed, and “hacked” eboots when they were still needed and PS4HAX was not only inconsistent in the news they published but also loved gossip and flaming everyone who pointed this fact out back in the PS3 scene days. I would say now I’m being an ironic hypocrite for “talking trash” on them except you can ask several other admins, moderators, devs, members from a myriad of different sites that will confirm this.

  30. mehrdad laghaei says:

    Is rasbprry still copying the game for ps4?

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