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TheFlow’s VitaShell Theme ‘Competition’ – PSVita


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

24 Responses

  1. Predator0808 says:

    The Flow still knows how to set the scene on fire 🙂

  2. megumihan says:

    This nub still not releasing an Update of adrenaline this month

    • Donopatay says:

      Pretty ironic that you call him a noob but you still solely depend on this noob to get what you wanted. Now that’s funny. Hehehe.

      • doctorwho05 says:

        Script Kiddies will be Script Kiddies, Always complaining about a release not have the features or Not releasing it on “Time”. Learn Coding and Help or Shut up and Quietly wait for the ppl with skill to make you a nice present. Spoiled Brats 😛

        • megumihan says:

          why should you have to w8 this adrenaline is a PSP emulate since the PSP era it means its already completed and idk why he did not include this at the time of release date care to explain to me Script kiddo

          • Donopatay says:

            You my friend come off as extremely arrogant. Worst of all your being arrogant is groundless since you yourself has not contributed to the PSVITA hacking scene and all of TheFlow’s works are given free of charge and by his own free will therefore he is under no obligation to indulge you in your self imposed authority to implement his timeline of activities or demand things from him. Seriously, beggars can’t be choosers.

          • Baktillus says:

            Wow you really have no clue whatsoever about what adrenaline is do you?

            Also nope, there is no “complete” psp emulator. There is barely any complete emulator of anything.
            Get a grip and stop complaining. If you make something remotely as awesome as the stuff TheFlow is constantly pumping out you can shoot me a message and i will apologise but right now you just look stupid.

      • megumihan says:

        i wish he is not the one who made this emu bcuz this guy is too fcking emotional i wish somebody else and thats why the other developers laughing at his attitude mostly chinese hackers and you didnt know he build this adrenaline to make up to his fail vitamin tool XDDDD

      • megumihan says:

        Hahahahah You still blind from the truth well i have no comment to say to your comment but once you see everything you will do the same as me and it seems your still new to the hacking scene that kind of attitude seems familiar to me XDDD well i will be observe it Frog in the well XDD

      • marek256 says:

        Just because of people like you the scene will always die. What exactly have you contributed to Vita scene when you dare to call him as Noob? He gave us a lot of things and instead of being thankful, you are insolent enough to call him a noob because you are not satisfied with the PSP emulator he gave to world. If you do not like it, create one by yourself which will be better and then you can compare and to enjoy being called a Noob by other stupid people like you are…

      • Fiftywebs says:

        Forgive him, guys. He prolly doesn’t know the meaning of the word, n00b

        • megumihan200200 says:

          you guys “Are all” oh well i wont blame you Hahahaha XDDD well he only made adrenaline to make up his vitamin and what ive heard that his vitamin didnt make any success… dont worry guys im not gonna say to your hero ehhehehe

          • megumihan200200 says:

            it would spoil the whole story if i spoil here it would be great if u guys ignore it ^^) instead replying to you one by one im just laughing as heck Hahahahah XDDDD

          • doctorwho05 says:

            Vitamin was out before MaiDump, Yes i know Maidump supports more. The Team that made all of the advances that let all these tools get made Broke up after a major F’UP a tester leaked tools and all heck broke loose. Now they work alone or with close small groups. There is still much that needs unlocking be patient or help that’s all anyone was really saying. TheFlow has had a lot of jerks and idiots harnessing him about releases. If you want him to STOP EVERYTHING keep bugging and pestering him and see what that gets ALL OF US.

          • Donopatay says:

            Nope. We are not here to patronize anyone but we are here replying to you because we love to *** slap self entitled *** and believe this we are enjoying this more than you do. No, dont stop and troll more so we can have more laughs in your nonsense logic. Please… WE WANT MOAR!

          • Jayz says:

            THE Best bet we can do is to wait and i also see this on his twitter or here before that he will release the update of Adrenaline in exact February or the end of this month so he won’t delay the update i think he just trying to finish the old project he has but im pretty sure he will release this Feb… so dont worry about it The only one thing im bothered is we already have VitaRW its a customize for the Vitashell and we can use it as a themes of Vitashell but instead he started the competition without making any sense the only thing is difference is USB for PSTV

    • SilicaAndPina says:

      What are you waiting for? go learn C & C++ setup vitaSDK and read all the documentation then go and make it yourself!

  3. Reeshmd23 says:

    The flow is it possible to make an app that lets you use the vita as a remote for the pstv, basically make the vita a dualshock remote

  4. Stealthjet says:

    How would I even start to make a theme fit for the King Fl0w? lol jk but would be cool to have a standard theme used by everyone tho

  5. rens says:

    The new VitaShell release will give you access to USB storage devices on the Vita TV/PSTV so stay tuned! You will, of course, be able to play games and homebrew via a USB Mass Storage device.


  6. DarkTaco says:

    God I love the Flow

  7. Yyu says:

    This is a good news but I can’t make like that. Anyone please tell me how to make that.

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