ps4relink – PS4 Remote Play on PS Vita without PSN sign-in, now automated via a homebrew


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  1. XandridFire

    If only I had a ps4 now

  2. drd7of14

    Just to be clear, this allows it to work over the internet? Or this just locally?

  3. Matteo

    Hello, the ps4 needs to sign to psn and to be at last firmware?
    I have a psvita 3.60 and a ps4 3.55

  4. SsJVasto

    I just read the source code, and all this app does is asks you for your PSN ID, converts it to UTF-8, and writes it in myprofile.dat…

    sceIoOpen(“ur0:user/00/np/myprofile.dat”, SCE_O_WRONLY, 0777);
    sceIoWrite(fd, data, 328); // <– data is a pointer to the string containing your username

    So it seems legit… I don't know if there's any other info that could be lots by re-creating this file, and I don't know what happens if you input someone else's PSNID…

  5. Xyrem

    Oh great, I waited so much on this ! Thank you !
    Need to try this with DS4Vita, it could be almost like having a portable PS4

  6. miniZillas

    i installed the vpk. when i open the bubble and change my online id from “yourusername” to the one im planning to use on my ps4, then open up the remoteplay bubble, it still asks me to do a system update.

  7. Bigscrotem

    Soooooo…..does anyone care about the poor souls who are on psvita fw 3.63? Hook us up, we know yall can! Just give us whats on your hacked vita so we can be cool to. Im about to just by my 4th vita and a ps tv with tax money! I cant take it any more!

  8. redcer

    Is anyone working on or is there existing way to remote play games that block remote play?

    • Dragonx

      they need to hack ps4 to enable remoteplay for all games like what happened to ps3

    • jlx78520

      I will try this weekend, but i guess you could connect via VPN to your local network and then make a wifi hotspot with that device (that is connected via vpn to your local network), then connect to that wifi hotspot with vita and theoretically you should be able to play remotely. 😕

      • GuitaristMatt

        I think he is talking about games like the original db xenoverse and others that got away with no remote play.

  9. EstoyTemplado

    Does this works in PSTV?

  10. lunacryd

    it worked for me big thanks to Yifanlu and to TheoryWrong

  11. Denrick

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was planning on buying a 2nd vita just for remote play, works perfectly!! Big Thumbs Up!!

  12. A Random Person

    Hello im really a noob at alot of hacking and coding and such but would you be able to like some decyrpt the ps4 firmware or motherboard or find keys in a firmware if a psvita is hacked and everybody been trying for that contest it would be really amazing if they could produce a jailbreak or hack with a hack psvita since yoy can use remoteplay

  13. lunacryd

    If anyone is still having problems connecting to remote play. Try this When you enter your username and reboot on ps4link Dont activate henkaku after reboot just go to Ps4 link it will give you a error but it will work it did for me hey let me know if this worked for any one of you

  14. the_importer

    Not working with my PSTV, so either it’s not compatible or the app expects you to have established a PS4 remote connection in the past for it to work.

  15. Francesco

    Do I need TaiHenkaku or Henkaku is ok to use PS4relink?

  16. SilverRay

    Either doesnt work form me i even reactivated my account for the vita but it still says i have to update my vita

  17. z2

    this still needs connecting the ps4 to PSN right? and thus needs making the PS4 update to latest FW.

    Hope there’s something for the PS4 part too.

  18. ksp

    FYI It doesn’t work on non local network. It only works if your PS4 and your Vita are on the same network, in other words at home. Making it completely useless since you would not need remote play a home anyway. If your Vita is on another network I.E at work, it will still ask for an update and if you cancel the update, you will get an error.

    If you really wanna play your PS4 at work or someplace outside of home, the remote play app on Laptop works perfect and is free and streams games in HD.

    Also there are inherent dangers to using this trick that can show its head later. By changing your PSN Id in your profile dat you open yourself up for getting that PSN ID banned for ToS violation if Sony finds out somehow. If that ID is a PSN Plus subscription you risk losing a lot more than just a simple account ID.

    Be warned this trick is completely useless as it allows only remote play via local network and its potential ban inducing.

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  20. Mateus

    For those who ps4relink didnt work trying doing manually, i only could get remote play working with this tutorial

    • Thiago

      FEBRUARY 2018
      Couldnt do with relink. Change my id, reboot, and after that the id changes to default one. When trying to use LINK MY PS4 app, it keeps me asking to sign in playstation network. why this?

  21. neo111384

    it does work online with blk ops 3

  22. realis

    I have a psvita with Enzo 3.60 and a ps4 in ofw 4.55 and the 2 consoles haven’t a psn account…
    my question is : is it possible to use my psvita like a ps4 controler and if is possible, how?
    ps:sorry for my poor english

  23. Mavis

    I very happy to find this website on bing, just what I was searching for :
    D besides saved to fav.