3DS Firmware 11.3 blocks homebrew, hackers working on a fix


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  1. solidsnake

    Once we do away with the monetary system, everything will be shared in the future, and people will use their skills to solve greater problems.

    • Phoenix

      Yea, no. Stop watching Star Trek, that definitely won’t work, actually for the same reason that Marxism and Communism can’t work (and no, they are not the same).

    • Jack Attack

      So, to get to the future we must live like we did in the past? Never heard of the feudal system?

    • loler

      I think what you meant to say there was “first”

    • redstarcoder

      Aye comrade! It warmed my heart to see your comment as the first one :).

    • calcutta

      All other systems have been tried by mankind. The current Monetary system is what works in a world that is full of imperfect beings who’s very nature is greed, corruption and selfishness. If you really think getting rid of the monetary system will cause everyone to share and work on “greater” problems then you have not studied history at all. Keep living in your delusional fantasy world. One day it may actually come true and you will truly experience what real tyranny and oppression is.
      The monetary system we have is far from perfect because perfection in this world is literally impossible.

      • thousandyoung

        Then humanity is obviously meant to fail. Don’t forget you’re also part of the scum who’s greedy, corrupt and selfish too.

  2. Coil_Whine

    It’s not that terrible luckily, i can still use all of my homebrew apps and games in CIA form, as CIA still works which is nice.
    It seemed to only block the homebrew launcher which sadly does have a couple of exclusive tweaks like the enabler for homebrew audio (DMM Patcher) so if you want sound on some homebrews be sure to do that before updating to 11.3 as it will stay.

  3. Rg

    Should never have released homebrew channel source code

    • FunnyTroll

      Sorry to be hard, but this is so funny to reply…

      Should never have commented in this news.

      I invite you to think about why.

      Clue: Do you even code?

  4. Franky

    And Nintendo is apparently working hard on the Switch’s release by wasting their time with this?

  5. Natalie

    Lol. I tweeted your Twitter account to ask if you were ever planning on covering this.
    Better late than never but lightyears to late for a hacking news site :/

  6. TheTechDoc

    Why does nintendo even bother at this point? The system has been cracked open like an egg and hackers have eaten the goop inside till there’s nothing left…what are you hoping to accomplish?

  7. Bigscrotem

    Dang …wish yall would do something for ps vita fw 3.63. You guys have come up with something for every fw that has come out. Whats going on now? Is vita fw 3.63 too hard to crack. My kids got ahold of both my vitas and updated both of em. Dangit…..! I wanted to beat them but i didnt. There just too dang cute! PLEASE DO SOMETHING! AT LEAST A ARK OR VHBL! STILL GREAT JOB SO FAR. THANX

  8. NoBody

    Killing homebrew on a hacked 3ds is not going to happen. Minor temporary set backs is the best they can do. This update was obviously to kill entry points on ofw consoles and not specifically related to killing homebrew usage on consoles..

    Freeshop by TheCruel was not cloned after its takedown orders. The only eshop clone existing is freeshop by TheCruel. Rather that fight back through the political/legal system, it simply moved host and today still is, as always was, maintained by TheCruel .

  9. Mieta

    ha, flashcard such as R4 3ds and Sky3ds+ still work on them.

    • young introvert

      is it possible to bring back freeshop? (i’m new to this and only want freeshop or to install .cia files after 11.3)

      • MrV

        Freeshop still works – after the original was closed a bunch of clones popped up there are atleast 2-3 good ones out there… just use google… google is your friend.

    • mikeb

      i disagree, what he is saying is that he has a rough wip version working, now he is working on tidying it up and getting ready for release (if he intends to do so).. that isn’t “almost”, it is “fixed, but not ready”

      take a car engine for example, it has a broken piston, i can fix the piston/engine/car long before the car is ready to roll, fixed but not ready

  10. mikeb

    freeshop, no idea, i’m just getting into the scene

  11. VettacossxoftheWiiThemeTeam

    Payloads were released if anyone cares to report on it on wololo <3 lol

  12. Adam

    If You Want To Fix It, Watch Here! (Homebrew Will Work After) ————> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-FNRf0NakXc

  13. DiamondPro

    Thank god i never updated to 11.3 (yes i’m still on 11.2 and i refuse to update until a new homebrew hack is out there for 11.3)

  14. what kind of a juicer do you recommend? Your juicing ebook didn’t really say. I am purchasing a used Vitamix

  15. DarkWolf

    but soundhax still work for launching homebrew B)