A trip down homebrew lane: DaedalusX64 (PSP)


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)

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  1. Jesse says:

    fist, farts, first

  2. Ryan says:

    Second but not last me thinks! Defo looking forward to Vita futtute irs bright.and looking good.

    • nightwishfan1 says:

      Looking a heck of a lot brighter than the ps4 scene. They had a public hack they knew was gonna get patched over, and sat on their hands. Fast forward to 4.05 private hack…..”Uh lets keep it private while sony develops more firmware updates that might patch over it!”. Great idea failoverflow and whoever else had a 4.05 exploit!

  3. BxThorne says:

    wow , this will be the most amazing thing since august. gotta love these guys

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