HENkaku turns 6 months old! – A look at what’s been achieved


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)

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  1. warfaren says:

    I had the Vita since it came out back in 2012… Still stuck on 3.18
    Will upgrade to 3.60 the day we get an 1:1 replacement for TN-X, as it’s the only thing currently holding me back.

  2. Ker says:

    I did buy a psvita 2000 to keep it up to date and let my psvita 1000 on the golden firmware.

  3. drasglaf says:

    Happy half-birthday to Henkaku-
    It started slowly, but look at all they’ve achieved!

  4. Dany-69 says:

    Without the support of a decent storage method, all this gorgeous things are quite useless …..
    You can’t do a lot with a 8/16gb Memory card, the only available at affordable price…

    • Ecchijin says:

      We could play backup, psp games, homebrew and that was a lot, yet you said those are quite useles? Wow……

      • Dany-69 says:

        And where, sir, do you intend to put “backups, PSP games” ecc ecc ?
        In 8 GB of memory, forcing you to spend you “gaming life” connected to a PC/ FTP ?

        • Ecchijin says:

          That’s subjective. I had 16gb, and I only put games that I intend to complete, around 2-3 games at a time. Heck, even if I had 8gb and only could place one game, compared to money I had to spend to buy the games for me it means a lot, not useless.

        • Jesse says:

          Says the guy carrying around a system with game CARTRIDGES as it’s primary game loader. Carrying around extra memory cards is no different than carrying around extra cartridge games.

          • Dany-69 says:

            @jesse you’re so genius as not being able to understand that, if I have to buy a memory card for every single game i want to carry with me, i prefer to spend those money for buying retail games, not surely wasting time and money to load images through an hack.
            A decent storage method is needed for proper and easyusage of this hack, fulstop.

    • Ethan Weegee says:

      Exactly! 8 GB is very small, and the price is still absurd compared to, say, an SD card.

  5. AvatarAang says:

    I’m still dead on 3.63

  6. Rodpin says:

    You forgot to mention that now we can access the Memory Card with USB without CMA (thx thefl0w!)! I think this is an awesome achievement!

  7. Eric says:

    I had my vita shelved. I kept it updated cause i kinda gave up on there ever being a hack. When henkaku was just released i wasn’t sure what to expect. But now it’s pretty great.

  8. megumihan says:

    i hope we can move on to N64/Dreamcast or gamecube because this emulators are pretty dead and ever since then it’s always PSX/PSP im totally done with it maybe this developers making a progress but still stuck at old era i hope we can totally move on

    • Jack Attack says:

      The N64 is a stretch and the other two won’t ever happen in any real way on the Vita. They’re barely getting anywhere on Android. (Though to be fair, Android’s crappy graphic subsystem is holding it back more than anything)

  9. FreeMyVita says:

    It’s almost Feb! Time To welcome back the Flow! (GPU Access in the works) Thank You I can’t wait!

  10. Vitaling says:

    What about access to vita thru USB just drag and drop files .. that’s huge!! No love in this article about it.. everything else is good tho.

  11. FreeMyVita says:

    Well since we are discussing our wish list how about a SIM Card unlock for all of us with 3G models and unlock system settings for example Disable Shuttler Sound when taking a picture. Give us access to the camera for AR Homebrew.

  12. ME says:

    “The PSVita’s homebrew scene was always overshadowed by the PSP thanks to SONY’s ridiculous security measures”

    Yes, how dare Sony try to protect their investment! They should’ve just left the door wide open for filthy pirates like you to come in!

    Hardware sales mean nothing without the correspondent software sales. PSP never reached the software potential sales it deserved thanks to the lowlifers around the world….

    At least, the way it is there’s room for a healthy market in Japan. That is a good thing.

    Oh, and btw, no major western publisher (including a great deal of Sony’s 1st party, of course) gives a s**t about handhelds.
    PC, console and mobile are the way to go for them and that’s a perfectly legitimate business choice.

  13. SkyGrey88 says:

    Hey lets not forget we also got USB copying in the latest Shell 1.5x. That has been a huge boon as it makes it much faster/easier to install content and backup content. Really all I wish for now is the ability of the PSTV to use its USB slot to read/write data. Even if we could just use it to store installs, roms, media that would be awesome. Would love to see a quality media player that would let me play .mkv and other formats.

  14. noob says:

    i installed regular henkaku on my ps tv when it came. What advantages does taihen bring me ? should i update?

  15. Zeke says:

    Yep the HENkaku project has been pretty special. What I’m really looking forward to is TheFloW taking another look at Adrenaline and getting it to support the PS1 side of the pspemu, plus GPU support in RetroArch to smooth over the other emulator issues (for example gPSP and VBA still skip/slowdown on Mario Kart: Super Circuit, something a little more power would probably solve) and I’d be very happy with the Vita.

  16. ANU815 says:

    This article is severely lacking the two top items:
    1) Vita Backups
    2) USB transfer

  17. “Ability to use cheats and translations for retail games”

    If this is meant for legitimate games, I keep looking for methods to do this. Does this mean using mr. gas’ near decryption method?

  18. Ismail Ghedamsi says:

    We need a browser hombrew.

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