The Fruit of Grisaia English Translation Patch Released!


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  1. rolenzorol says:

    …but you’d be missing al the sex scenes…and they were really well done.

  2. Smk says:

    This makes me a happy human bean.

  3. HerbalNekoTea says:

    Not too much of a spoiler, when they made the first game, they never tough it was going to be this popular, so they never planned a true ending for the sequel, only the bad and good ending of each of them. The sequel contain a sequel of each route and a new route which is like what a true ending should had been before finishing on a cliff hanger. Also, just saying, all ages’s so much censored, not because of h-scene but censored in the contain of the joke, scene, drama and ending, i would recommend to wait for the uncensored version they plan to do. I would recommend the all ages only for a pure white minded teenage girl who has not tasted a broken mind, otherwise, read the adult version and press hold crtl for skipping h-scene. PS : I got to read the fan translation in 2014 way before i heard about the kickstarter and took me 5 week to read (around 150-250h), i also saw many comparaison and discussion and the censoring of the all ages.

    • Thrawn says:

      “I would recommend the all ages only for a pure white minded teenage girl”

      Does something like this even exist??? Nowadays teens are more rotten than your fat neighbourhood guy. 🙂

  4. Tom J says:

    Said as much on another forum, but really all it does at the moment is hurt sales of the actual localized version. Sekai Project already announced a Vita release for the trilogy, although to be fair their track record so far is about 0 for 6-8 announced titles. Regardless, it’s a *** move when a release has already been announced; the VN community is small enough that you don’t need any more excuses for companies not to waste their time, and SP’s already pretty thin-skinned as it is. If it were taking the English release and patching in the censored content, it’d be a different story, but unfortunately that’s not what’s happening.

  5. Hardin says:

    If you read this article to completion you’re EXTREMELY uncool and in your lifetime, you can only hope to amount to just “uncool”. I’m sorry, I don’t make the rules.

  6. CycloneFox says:

    Stuff like this is what makes the whole Vita hacking so much worth it. 😀

    I still buy my games officially. But I have a second Vita just for emulators, homebrews, undubs and fan translations of games, we would never get.

    • Tom J says:

      Except the whole Grisaia trilogy has been confirmed for Vita localization already, so this only detracts from official sales.

      • Same says:

        Except the company that licensed the series is garbage for several reasons including but not limited to bad project management, bad translation, and bad attitude in general. Since Front Wing has already gotten the money for licensing it there really isn’t any downside to making Sekai Project fail for being ***.

      • reckless0 says:

        People on 3.60 won’t be able to play the official releases anyway… (Unless a method of playing 3.61+ games on 3.60 or those higher firmwares are cracked) So, nothing is lost….. Not many people are sitting on 2 Vitas one for legit and one for HB.

  7. The_Zeth says:

    This game is perfect for an underage weeb like myself.