Portable Final Burn Alpha released – GekiHEN contest


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30 Responses

  1. Super X

    first! good emulator

  2. SsJVasto

    I like how the developer’s name is “it’s not fair” 🙂

  3. Alexander

    Can i play with this Street Fighter 3?

  4. SeanP2500

    So this is no different from the fba core in retroarch? i can’t seem to get sam sho2 to work any help is appreciated

    • Donopatay

      You just need a compatible rom set for that game intended for the FBA emulator or audit yourself using clrmamepro and find out what missing files or files needed to be renamed.

  5. CRS

    Good work,nice emulator

  6. JP

    Couldn’t get usb to work,Got a blue screen if i unplugged the psvita and plugged it back in while in usb mode. turns out windows never associated a drive letter(Disk management)

  7. AcromioClavicular


  8. xzeroki

    got sf3 to work. its at around 11fps though

  9. Bah

    It runs fine if you hex edit the eboot.bin and mark it as safe 🙂

  10. Donopatay

    heck yeah! Baby! Im gonna have blisters in my thumbs tonight playing this baby.

  11. gg

    il wait for ps2 emu

  12. memo

    i really need help now i selling my old PSV it already on software 3.60 i can’t access to PSN to dis active this device from PSN to use this account in my new PSV any advise plz ?

  13. BxThorne

    Cool, this is awesome. Is anybody going to let us all know which rm set is working

  14. The_Weeb

    Hello its The_Zett.
    Here is my new nickname- The_Weeb

  15. DivineBliss

    Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight For The Future (Euro 990608)
    Scaling: Fit
    Shader: None
    Force 60HZ: On
    Audio: Off

    FPS: 41-42
    Status: Unplayable
    Comments: Any idea how to get this running better?

  16. DivineBliss

    Marvel Vs Capcom: Clash Of Super Heroes
    Scaling: Fit
    Shader: None
    Force 60HZ: On
    Audio: Off

    FPS: 59-60
    Status: Playable

  17. misterjzzy

    Hi any way to map the controls? Like in Chase H.Q.? I’ve tried in the UI config and the in game config but it doesn’t like it! Ta

  18. Bah

    The GBAtemp thread (currently) has a more recent version of the emulator than gekihen: http://gbatemp.net/threads/release-pfba-portable-final-burn-alpha-official-thread.458445/

  19. EON

    Any MAME emulator on Henkaku to come ?
    I would like to play NBA JAM. Thanks

  20. Andwar

    will this work on psp?