The dark days of Vita homebrew are over – GPU usage in homebrew!


I'm a girl that's liked technology from day 1. Mostly interested in the PSVita/PSP scene but I've always modded my stuff when it's possible, that is :)Contact me via DM at @KawaiiAuroraA on Twitter if you have any questions/concerns about my articles or if you have any article requests.

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  1. Polite Timesplitter

    Well now. After I was done with Crisis Core (I have it as a backup as it isn’t on EU PSN) via Adrenaline I was thinking of just setting up some VHBL for emulators and otherwise upgrade to OFW for later games, but every time I think of doing so, something very promising – even if it isn’t playing later games, which understandably might never happen – pops up. Thanks for sharing!

  2. L2SSnake

    ” and maybe Dreamcast” !!!!

  3. Raul

    GPU Power VR was used in Dreamcast. 16 years ago, so this mobile Power VR in Vita could be at least as powerful. Let’s hope so, playing DC games on Vita would be great. I would play Shenmue anyday

  4. Ticotico


  5. Baktillus

    Xerpi is a great guy!
    Not only does he supply the scene with awesome tools and now a whole gpu library, but hes also not on a high horse about it.

    When the vitaSDK released i had some issues, took to the forum and xerpi patiently explained some basics to me so i can get a tiny C program to run 🙂

  6. slashmegaman

    I have high hopes,

    but in reality dreamcast… on the vita?

    that would be extremely awesome…

    but power wise are you sure dc is even possible(isn’t dreamcast in the heck naw column next to ps2/GameCube?)

    I mean we don’t even have mugen..(which is open sourced )

    but capcom v snk…on the vita..(priceless+add a ds3 controller!!!! ^_^

  7. warfaren

    Wow, this is what I’ve really been waiting for! I remember back in the days of the PSP, dreaming about what the hacked sequel to the PSP would be able to do. Guess we’re finally getting close!

  8. Salar

    Why are u guyz pushing me to buy a 64 memory card 😀
    nice Xerpi 😀 Thank U.

    • PsxVita

      I messed up, I sold my vita slim after I had henkaku on it and now I bought a vita 1000 with 3.60 and had a 32gb and now I found a gamestop with a 64Gb and picked that up b4 it’s too late. btw I have a pstv as well and definitly keeping that. just saying anything vita better get it whiles supplies last. peace homie =) YuP Xerpi is awesome!

  9. M4ttes

    Just go with an gpd xd device (or similar) and you have everything you demand so much. Don’t need to wait for years for an totaly open vita. It’s 2017 and you can have everything you want for 100 bucks (up to dreamcast emulation, sd-card support, native streaming apps etc.).

    • Aurora

      The reason while the Vita lives on is because you can play Vita games and the controller is awesome. Devices like the GPD XD just aren’t very elegant, usually have bad battery life and performance is subpar if you’re into Windows gaming.

    • Jay

      Why are you even here do you work for gpd

      • M4ttes

        I am here cause I am (still) interested in this stuff. Just saying if you really want to have a good working N64 / Dreamcast Emulator, you don’t have to wait months / years (and care about the correct Firmware, proprietar Memory Sticks etc.) cause nowadays you can have that easily for a few bucks.

        I would also love to see this on the Vita because every open System is a good System. And – of course – the Vita has a better quality than those chinese Handhelds. But as long as the system isn’t totaly open, why not use an alternative one (if the desire is that high)…

        P.S.: Sorry for the bad English.

        • Adrien

          Yeah, devices like JXD are really cool.
          It runs a lot of Dreamcast and N64 games, not without (a lot of) annoying crashes, but still good (played whole Goldeneye64, almost every campaign of Starcraft64 and 25% of sonic aventure 2…but the emulator can’t go any further).

          The problem are the inputs and the screen size (bigger is no more better). VITA is still the best way to play on the go, by far.
          I don’t know how people will manage to fit the Switch in their pocket…

  10. ICanHazMuffin47

    I immediately thought of the NDS EMU!! This would be REALLY good for that! 😀

  11. Sherif Maher

    Why this article isn’t categorized? it might be in PS Vita / Security Section.

  12. Disgusted

    Godammit I can’t believe I bought a 3.61 Vita, and the only reason I couldn’t return it within the implied period was because I am socially anxious and I am afraid of embarrassing myself in front of him

  13. NoobLegGuy

    Assuming you’re not replicashooter on GBATemp, your article has been copied.

  14. delta191

    Any hope of ps2 emulation? that would make the Vita Badass. probably a dream still.

  15. PsxVita

    Huge News! Thx!

  16. Frezzno

    This is great news! Can someone upload a video on this?

  17. AcromioClavicular

    CPS3 !!

  18. NeonAera

    SWEET!! 🙂

  19. megumihan

    OMG finally a fcking goodnews

    • Adrien

      Sanic adventure, Chuchu rocket, Toy commander, Conker’s bad fur day, Starcraft 64…
      This is gonna be gud !

  20. Adrien

    Thank you very much Xerpi !

  21. mememe321

    Dreamcast emu +1

  22. Altemecya

    I’m glad xerpi decided to help with retroarch project. Can’t wait to see some boost up on the playstation core.

  23. juniorpsvita

    Cps3 plis

  24. geos

    it’s good for everyone, especially those who want to try making 3d games 🙂

  25. Jomann

    Xerpi is a motha *** wizard!!!
    THANK YOU Xerpi!!!

  26. gbot

    This is great, libgxm is such a pain in the *** to setup

  27. HerbalNekoTea

    Yup, seem i was craving yesterday for playing albert oddysey on Saturn and the last stable release on yabause on retroarch was laggy has heck (5.5 fps). Will just need to wait a little bit instead of using my new phone for it.

  28. Me

    I would love see a Saturn emulador as UoYabuse

    • HerbalNekoTea

      There’s one but it’s laggy for last stable, wait a little bit for the gpu stuff on retroarch

  29. Rez

    Dreamcast emu!!!

  30. Alex

    Would this mean Gamecube emulation?

  31. TRololol

    Yea Dreamcast and Gamecube are dead already it would be great if you revived this like PSX that happened on PSP DAYS before

  32. Paravex

    Hi there to every one, the contents present at this website are truly
    remarkable for people knowledge, well, keep up the nice work fellows.

  33. Fadi5555

    This mean we could see a new filter on adrenaline like (xbrz) just google it. This is can be added. this will make psp games on vita looks hd remastered. It same feature on ppsspp. But previously we can’t do it because will make psp games run slower but after this investigation of libgxm we can finally play psp games on vita looks hd without see that pixels on games.