N64 emulator for the Vita in development – Early stages


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  1. Filippo94

    That’s great news! Libretro devs have done an amazing job porting most of the cores to the Vita, I’m sure they’ll do their best

  2. tacobell

    oh i’v been wanting to hear this XD so glad there working on it 😀

  3. SeanP2500

    why did this make me dance around to busta rhymes woo haa I got you all in check

  4. Salar

    Thats nice to hear , perhaps some day 😀 Android Emulator 😀
    well i was looking forward for this port

  5. Duden

    Great…. I dream with dreamcast and sega saturn emulators….. Psvita or ps3

    • Philip Dawson

      Stop dreaming this will never happen .delusion is delusion

      • jumpman95

        Well… it may not be as impossible as it may at first sound. The PSVita’s GPU is a PowerVR chip, the same chipset was also used in the Sega Dreamcast. Although in fairness, I believe there were special 3d rendering methods used in the Dreamcast chip that have since been discontinued. Though the shared chipset may still make Dreamcast emulation nearer the realm of possibility on the Vita than it would be otherwise.

  6. isabel

    thanyou to everyone that is woring on this 🙂
    (hope someone would release a gamecube emulator for the vita **.**)

    • Ethan Weegee

      A GameCube emulator would be awesome, but (Most likely) slow.

    • Philip Dawson

      Are you *** kidding me. Get real stop dreaming of stupid things you’ll never see gamecube or ps2 or even saturn .think about it logically and you’ll see how stupid you sound

  7. Si

    PSP n64 is playable on a few games, Mario 64 runs well. I hope this will bring Zelda and Mario kart in!

    • Ethan Weegee

      If you can get past or through the lag in DaedalusX64 then it’s not a bad emulator at all. For example, Pokemon Stadium is very playable with audio; although not full speed, you can tell what the announcer says. Especially being the only N64 emulator as of now with Adrenaline.

  8. Jomann

    Without access to the gpu we won’t be having any fun on the vita for a while. GPU access should be priority #1 IMHO.

  9. Q13E5

    I’ve been able to get away with using the PSP emulator running n64 emulation. but this is great news!
    An emulator, to run an emulator. isnt it interesting.

  10. meh

    So native ps vita homebrews such as retroarch are not using the GPU ???

  11. Francisco M

    I was just looking for this! I still have n64 but no system lol great news! Good job retroarch!

  12. Sneila369

    Hydrogen bomb. Check. Pollio vaccine. Check. Man on the moon. Check. Stable n64 emulator. Errr.

  13. Oh No.

    “Sadly, there’s no way to access the GPU in native Vita homebrew so certain stuff can’t be ported over easily.”

    So, please explain what is the point of Vita SDK for Henkaku again?

    • Dragar

      Developing apps that use the CPU for software rendering. Obviously.

      • Oh No.

        Is the GPU is not “accessible” then how is the GPU overclock able? Scratch that, because clocking a CPU to 444mhz is not overclocking if the CPU is 2GHZ easily said.

        • Oh No.

          Whoa typo,

          *If the GPU is not “accessible” then how is the GPU overclock able? Scratch that, because clocking a GPU to 222mhz is not overclocking if the GPU is 800mHZ easily said.

    • Iamayeti

      “Sadly, there’s no way to access the GPU ”

      Why not? (A technical answer would be welcome)

  14. ASSHAT

    What? No GPU access? That makes no sense the vitasdk has all sorts of gpu library’s….

  15. Alvion

    Can some one help my vita won’t turn on the ps buttom keep flashing orange but with a wierd blinking almost like it have a short circuit..

  16. FreeMyVita

    And then….. There was light!http://wololo.net/2017/01/22/dark-days-vita-homebrew-gpu-usage-homebrew/ P.S All your ads are disruptive

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