VitaMote Beta released – Analogue stick now supported!


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15 Responses

  1. sfsfsidhf

    aurora pls be my irl waifu

  2. CapMyAssElmo

    could this somehow be utilized to be a bottom screen to a ds/3ds emulator? it would be perfect!

  3. lonewolfryuu

    Still waiting for a DS3 ver.

  4. Aranor

    FIrst !

  5. Handy Fox

    Should have called it V-mote. That rhymes.

  6. Loser

    Ok cool but now its time to release PS4 jailbreak and stop useless gaming portable ***

    • lol

      ok now you need to go away because guess what….this is not a PS4 only site and its not a site for self entitled “losers” like yourself.

    • Dmaskell92

      I agree, when do you plan on releasing the “jailbreak”.

  7. yersecretadmirerauroraxD

    Thank you very very very much for this, ill wait for touch emulation for happen if its possible \(^o^)/

  8. Reeshmd23

    Is there a way to use vita as remote with the pstv? That would be awesome like a nintendo switch

  9. rocketman

    Works super well with Ubuntu 16.04
    The touchscreen support was particularly impressive.

  10. jonnes

    work on bluestacks ?