Vitashell 1.51 released – Important Bug Fixes


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  1. Sansibar


  2. Sansibar


  3. Mipo

    I need to swap memory card while henkaku is running…Or I need to use my memory card from FW 3.63 on my henkaku vita T^T

    • DarK_Smoke

      Mr.Mipo read this about updated for 3.61 or 3.63 for user update there PSVITA system and you cannot not run Henkaku because you shouldn’t update before Sony release the update software and you going to have to wait until there a new expoit and however even if you try and there no way to run Henkaku for 3.61/3.63!

    • megumihan

      u stupid nub there are no hacks at 3.63 forget it that will take 5 to 10 years before that FW will be hacked again nub

  4. chibiwings

    thank you for this TheFlow.

  5. Raff


    I have done installing the VPK.. 1st version 1.5 then the 1.51 but same, when I connect the USB cable I just see the “Connecting… Please wait.” message…

    I have CMA and QCMA installed on my PC.

    note: I have installed the VPK thru molecular shell and not from vitashell(I get errors)

  6. Rg

    We need vita TV support

    • nightwishfan1

      We definitely need vita tv support. Got a perfectly good usb port on it going to waste. Has to be some way to access it.

  7. lonewolfryuu

    All we need now is the feature to dump/play 3.63 games

  8. Frezzno

    Superb! Thanks again.

  9. Rynne

    I big vote for PS TV usb support. Please…..!
    Some of us like the TV better than the Vita. Just saying.

  10. Noob

    I am wondering is there any possibility of the vita accessing a USB drive that would solve a lot of storage issues with ps vita memory cards being expensive to buy.

  11. solidsnake

    I wonder if you will eventually be able to use a usb to pc connection from the xmb in adrenaline just like an old psp.

  12. manhha

    why i turned on enable unsafe homebrew but it’s still doesn’t work?? when i press select it’s notice enable unsafe homebrew first (enabled)?? please help

  13. Dee8282

    Anyone best bet for accidentally updating to 3.63 is to get a 3.60 motherboard on eBay and have a Japanese game repair shop install it for you..

  14. Vagnaros

    Now that we have full USB Access somebody needs to make a usb attachment allowing us to expand our memory with SD and MicroSD….. In other words somebody really needs to make this ( a Reality, now….

  15. ali

    Hi guy
    please guide me for install extracted vpk in ps vita with usb Method

  16. Noob

    USB drive will be usefull just to store vpk files or roms and copy them from the drive to memory card when you wish to install something.

    Anyone used this before?

  17. Aranor

    On linux site USB is broken. This is error from Ubuntu 16.04:

    Error mounting /dev/sdb at /media/user/2124-80F8: Command-line `mount -t “exfat” -o “uhelper=udisks2,nodev,nosuid,uid=1000,gid=1000,iocharset=utf8,namecase=0,errors=remount-ro,umask=0077” “/dev/sdb” “/media/user/2124-80F8″‘ exited with non-zero exit status 1:
    stdout: `FUSE exfat 1.2.3

    stderr: `ERROR: unsupported FAT count: 2.

  18. Ticotico

    Could we’ve a progress bar while copying a file into Vita on a near future?

  19. Black Heaven

    I have a 64Gb memory card and qcma that works perfect, but in vitashell at USB mode un windows explorer I can see card, but windows asking to format drive first. Vita working fine, qcma working fine… app and games works normal, just can´t see my storage in windows.

  20. Lyranx

    Yo 1st post. Getting c1-9649-8 error when starting 1.51
    Was installed using Molecular shell since I couldn’t install using Vitashell 1.41 nor was it checking for update

  21. aniscoralup

    i always get errors when installing vpks after updating, do any of you experience the same problem?

  22. Robert

    can anyone help me?
    after update the henkaku and vita shell to 1.51 the psvita musica player dont play the musics anymore, i deleated all the song in vitashell but the song still appears on psvita music player, i try to deletead using the psvita music player but the songs wont gone(just in the displaly cuz there’s no song on the music folder) and i cant copy songs using the psvita content manager assistant , but when i try to play the songs in vitashell they work

  23. jacob299

    Hey, for some reason the sd card is not showing on my windows all of a sudden, the games work fine , but the windows just dowsnt show the sd card i tried changing the driver with zadig but no use. pls help