VitaShell updated to 1.5, provides USB Mass storage access


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  1. Salar

    Made my day…
    Thanks flow , thank u for everything

  2. jiame

    Can you install and run software on the usb stick?

  3. z2

    this guy is a million times better than fail0verflow

  4. ayie

    want to ask.. how can transfer video on psvita using vitashell 1.5? using qcma it might update.. sad case..

  5. makak1984

    I have 2 problem with molecular shell first problem with creating folders Error: 0x8001000D, on Vitashell I previously enable unsafe mode, restarted and after that vitashell returns please wait message… I was deinstalled the vitashell and molecular shell, then I suddenly molecularshell prompted me to install latest revision of vitashell. And same problem throughout

  6. Ell Enn

    First thought:
    I hope now the great Software “vitaorganizer” will be able to remote install over USB (over WLAN+FTP was ok also, but USB should dramatically increase install speeds ->great for users with smaller Memory).

    Second thought-> It would be awesome if we could have installed games on a remote (USB) data storage i.e. HDD or thumb drive or Card Reader+(micro)SD card. Could have also advantages over a (also awesome) custom made Homebrew alternative to the Sony memory or Vita game cart.
    Use a USB device as installation direction and play games from it would be totally awesome, for normal Vita and PSTV aswell.

  7. behnam

    all people does need to pay game again to play. LOL

  8. sense

    the flow release stuff before the date he gives lol btw great feature !!!! now all of the trouble of qcma and other stuff is gone

  9. Jim

    Best news I’ve heard all year!!!

  10. Mame-Addict

    R.I.P qcma. Nice knowing you. Have a nice trip

  11. DrRetro

    Awesome update, thanks! 🙂

  12. woah, thats great! but the transfer speed are faster tha FTP? (my ftp speed is 1.2mb-1.6mb)

    and that install method is AWESOME, it could even kill Mai (?)

  13. Stacyloves

    Hi i have a vita on 3.18 firmware and never installed vita shell. Can anyone help me with how to install this on the vita?

    • Donopatay

      Do a manual update to 3.60 first. There is an easy way to do it involving only a minimal effort. You can find the tutorial on that on here. Then install Henkaku which can be done easily by visiting “” on the Vita’s built in browser. After that, installation of Vitashell is brain dead easy.

  14. piotrekhenry

    I really hope the next USB related news will be PSP’s USBhostFS equivalent for the PS Vita giving an end to the ridiculously expensive PS Vita memory cards.
    *wishes* PS TV with a USB HDD attached to it …

  15. The Zett

    You forgot to mention that this doesnt work with PSV TVs 😛

  16. bigbow

    Really great!!!!!!!!! now i am stuck mi vita gets an error c1-9649-8 after update now i can not open Molecular or Vita shell so no ftp and chance to go back to another version.
    I got henkaku r6 and think this is the problem. Would be great to mention this !

    • lonewolfryuu

      My VITA just suddenly can’t re-install HENkaku R7 from the offline installer after i shut it down for a few hours, it always ended up in error when using the offline email exploit, i fixed it by re-installing HENkaku R7 and using the VPK for VitaShell 1.5 instead of updating online, now it’s working perfect again even after i shut it down, why in the world are you still on R6?

    • vitaTV lover


      Clear your cookies on the browser

  17. Krck0

    Was working perfect, but now can not transer … i can see card and content but windows asking to format drive first , or to scan for system error…( there is no delete option in dialog box * right click mouse on some file*) dont know why, hope i didnt f*uck*d up my card… btw… vita working fine … app and games works normal … o/ Gl all

  18. vitaTV lover

    Is there a reason for no VitaTV support? Is it a limitation of the hardware or has it just not been implemented/figured out yet?

  19. meysam25

    i have windows 10 and i installed this vita shell 1.51 and i have the usb mode but i dont see app folder !!!!!!
    all the folder are there except app folder
    plz i begin you tell me way i dont have that folder and how i can solve my problem and see access to that folder

    • meysam25

      heck yesssssssssssssss i founded
      its been say in this article i should see the protected fils 😀
      its is great
      it is asowme :))
      tanx guys keep up to good work

      • meysam25

        10 mb per each secound read and 5 mb write speed it is alot beter then ftp
        omg am i dreaming or i am awake ?!

  20. laflex

    wooooooooo. thanks for making it work the way it’s supposed to

  21. ECHAN


  22. xav

    Just askin guys.. i currently have a 4gb mc with henkaku and adrenaline installed as well as a psp demo installed, how can i transfer all of my items to a new mc.. im planning on upgrading to 32gb mc.. thanks in advance

  23. jared

    please work in remote game
    remember ps2 console and the remote game in pc to play 😉

  24. Yyu

    Great, thanks to theFlow. btw what about adrenalin much faster and have good quality did you still work it.

  25. CRS

    Thanks for this huge gift TheFlow,much appreciate it.

  26. marconi

    i have updated to version vitashell1.51 to try using usb for transferring files. but when i hit select.its showing me “USB connection requires extended permissions please activate ‘Enable unsafe homebrew’ First.

  27. Rocketman

    Hey man just letting you know that doesnt work and using /
    and manually loading the packages worked for me on ubuntu 14.04
    make sure you unistall the fuse exfat drivers too otherwise it will keep using them

  28. steve

    so noone is going to talk about how to “enable unsafe homebrew”

    or is this that show system files part they talked about? and if so then how?

    its nice to see the fact that things get released but people are super slow at showing you how to do everything. havent seen any vids yet either.
    I mean if you release something take the time to show a proper tutorial and answer a few questions someone will have or that they have while the release is out. sheesh

    • Rocketman


      go to the molecule launcher
      press the start button or select one of the two
      you will see a menu that freaking says “enable unsafe homebrew”
      It is literally one comment up from yours

  29. steve

    so i figured it out by someone elses comment, you got to molecule app.

    Pretty risky to do this, since youre messing with system files and whatnot, it tells you you can permanetly damage your vita.. soooo is it worth it? i mean man, doing this you may brick your vita, who knows when it will get fixed if you do. Back in psp days it was a *** to fix, and vita doesnt have an external battery to pop out this time.

  30. steve

    oh lastly i wana thank the flow guy, great work bud. I had my 3rd system i used just to hack and i hacked before for a while and sold it, i picked up another vita so once again i have 3 total lol.
    I cant wait to hack, this time around i got a 64gb card. (60gb useable) should be fun. + you can USB things over instead of FTP, god thank you for that. You got no idea how slow it was with FTP

  31. Noob

    Ok. So here’s the deal. I bought a henkaku vita without official mem card. But with sd2vita installed. Accidentally format system. Been searching aroundgoogle to install henkaku without official mem card and no internal memory either. Used mlthaku but stumble at no molecular shell installed. Have henkaku, have vita shell, have enso but no molecularshell. Put pkgj inside encounter many errors. Can someone help me. Do i really need official mem card or using mlthaku worksjust fine but i need to tweak the config or some folder a bit