Claims of a 4.07 PS4 hardware hack surface


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  1. KiraSlith says:

    Comparing what little I know about the PS4 vs the hardware I see here, IF it is real, its probably a extended version of that Brazilian “Jailbreak”, using Dual-nand and HDD Image mounting. but knowing the source, it’s probably just a bunch of *** glued on in a normal PS4 with a cable jammed in the hole and a Uncased USB drive plugged into a RasPi

  2. Loser says:

    It looks fake and stupid

    • Whaaat? says:

      Stop looking at youself and get back to this topic about a raspberry pie and a bunch of cables being rammed into a PS4

  3. Josh says:

    xmax katsu you are our new hope. Those w**kers at fa*lOv*rf1ow are bunch of attention seeking h0m05. Please share your work.

    • lol says:

      those “w**kers” at least release what they do to the public and have creditibility 😛

      • Eric Wells says:

        Uhhhh……..They have an exploit they wont disclose…….I guess you forgot that huh?

        • warfaren says:

          They did disclose their PS3 “exploit” (the private key epic fail) and we all know how that went…

          • nightwishfan1 says:

            Are you sure you even know who you’re talking about? lol is mentioning failoverflow as though they disclosed everything they’ve done for the ps4. We’re far beyond ps3 so I got no idea what bringing that up is proving.

            Second linux will and always has been overshadowed on every homebrew scene it’s been on. Used for a lil bit, then bye bye after sdks built from scratch surface. This linux nonsense on ps4 wont be any different. However I’m not so ignorant to not acknoweledge that it’s an open gateway for future homebrew on ps4. Just team failoverflow is holding everything back by keeping an exploit to themselves while sony keeps putting out more fw updates that might patch any and all chances the scene has to progress. They aren’t stupid. Part of their updates goes to covering up exploit holes they know are there, but whether or not, they pertain to any exploit in the here and now is anyones guess.

            The basic meaning of this is failoverflow is sc*** over the scene while everyone will just look past it and probably update beyond 4.05 so they can play the newest and latest games requiring firmwares higher than 4.05., cause what’s the point of holding off on the exploit release when sony might already have patched it in firmwares beyond 4.05? They read what we read. No doubt they’re aware someone found out about it, and know some of the clues failoverflow said caused their exploit. Again…..Sony isn’t stupid…..failoverflow waiting on this *** is.

          • nightwishfan1 says:

            Please don’t delete the below post. I know it’s not what wololo staff wants to see and seems to hate anyone talking trash about failoverflow, but why hide the truth about what is always happening, and will happen? I mean heck we’re 2 updates beyond failoverflows 4.05 exploit with no guarantee the exploit works on them. Why hide the fact failoverflow is actively holding back the scene by not releasing an exploit while it’s still viable and there’s interest in it?

      • geos says:

        uh huh when wololo himself can’t vouch his credibility, sorry xmax katsu is just a liar..

      • LilaQ says:

        They don’t release jack ***, *** are you talking about? Check your fact before you post a steaming dump of elephant ***.

    • Grinner says:

      “Those w**kers at fa*lOv*rf1ow”

      ^^^^^^ Dear oh dear, another warez hungry kid. Give me strength FFS…

    • tony says:

      Exactly. “Scene drama” my ***, you were peer-pressured like a little ***!

    • fhj says:

      fail0verflow released the linux & amd drivers for PS4. It’s up to the community to find the xploit.

  4. ivan silva de carvalho says:


  5. John_North says:

    Wow, I was actually thrilled until I saw xmas katsu there. Doubt that he’s going to deliver anything.

    • d4rk51d3 says:

      Same. I read the article until his name was mentioned, then kinda lost hope. Will keep my fingers crossed, but won’t hold my breath.

  6. faucolt says:

    hdmi vita… we remember

  7. haim says:

    we don’t want hack anymore leave us with all of your bulshit releases.

  8. z2 says:

    xmax katsu another man-child in the same league as fail0verfl0w, why the heck do you even post this news if it hasn’t turn to be true, considering the person’s track record

  9. akian_aray says:

    Were any of his claims been real ever? Why even post him?

  10. LOL says:

    It looks fake

  11. XelaDrol says:

    With that soldering experience… why the ps4 still working… i have seen a lot of bad soldering there…

  12. Axen says:

    the problem with this generation is hackers talk too much, it’s how sony blocked vulnerabilities. I fear now it’s to late to hack the ps4.

  13. vicsidious says:

    … An abomination draws near…
    =>Turn around and laugh while you walk away!

  14. Koma says:

    I have the same sata data cable Hahahhahaha xD the old days