FastHax/SafeHax Updated

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  1. Fallenleader says:


  2. lio says:

    FastHax runs pretty well, today i received a few reports that safehax rc18 stopps with “FAILED TO LAUNCH SAFE_MODE ARM9” but the combined safe+fasthax works.

  3. lunacryd says:

    I hacked my 3ds using soundhax. I’m on fw. 11.2 you Dont need internet to run soundhax exploit I also installed. Arm9

    • Crzo says:

      Running userland hax is not considered having a console hacked…

      • SomeOrdinaryCommenter says:

        It’s code execution that wasn’t intended to run through the device it’s a very basic form of hacking, but rewriting pre-existing code to preform a unintended way from what the devs had in mind is a more advanced form of hacking, and is what you’re thinking of when you talk about Arm9, & Arm11 hacking

        And @lunacryd if you’re happy with just userland hacks that’s fine brother, but trust us there’s a whole other world of awesome just waiting for you in Arm 9, & Arm 11 hacking if you ever want to give it a peek ya’know 😉

  4. poweredjj says:

    I have followed this tutorial and have successfully hacked my N3DS EUR 11.2.0-35.
    Thanks!!! 😀

  5. HumbleOne says:

    Does this work on N3DS 9.2?

  6. mrsoczi says:

    I have used Plialect’s Guide to get LumaCFW on my New3DS 10.3 FW and it works like a charm. I had the screen glitch when implementing the arm9 exploit, but all in all it was successful. The New3DS is now a beast – all NDS, 3DS games, all Virtual Console games, all homebrew. Yummy.

  7. Chris says:

    My Sound App is gone D-: Does anyone know how to restore it?

  8. oldie says:

    Okay so i installed armhax, CIA installer and all stuff last september all “backup” games working greatly. So does this concern me at all? is this something i wanna install?

  9. Deadman says:

    How do you fix a soft brick/hard brick 2ds? Started from 11.3.4. Everything works. Just I’m stuck on
    Updated from 2.0.1 because I couldn’t get al9hinstaller to go to Luma3ds after everything installed. So I went to uninstall al9hinstaller and it said it would downgrade to 9.9.9 and here I am stuck. But games work and everything. Just can’t update no matter what. So if I want newer games they aren’t going to work obviously

  10. Reload says:

    Being a noob in this, following Plialect’s guide, can we play any backup games?

  11. Frank says:

    Does anyone know of a cheat utility working with Fasthax/Safehax using cheats in the plugin folder? NTR CFW 3.4 Preview 2 do not work with my 2DS modded with this CFW.

  12. oti_nanai says:

    ok i have a question..i am in 9.9 version or something.. shall i upgrade to 10.2 and after that use the hax or the other way around

  13. oti_nanai says:

    i mean 11.2 ;p

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