Vita hackers new year resolutions: Yifanlu to work on Vita lv0, Hexkyz to release a bunch of tools


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  1. GamersRebirthDL


  2. welldiness


  3. Augusto

    Shooow! Ansioso por mais novidades

  4. Salar

    People Keep living 🙁 this sad.

  5. Francisco M

    I can help when it comes to food i like to eat! Lol thanks everyone on the scene!!!

  6. w

    They will never be forgotten, YOU ARE indeed a MIRACLE team molecule, and i pray to witness your reunion in the future…^__^

  7. wailam

    still waiting for vita memory card mod

    • Dragng8

      Supposedly one is coming in February if I remember correctly. But what I want is to be able to use my Vita as a USB controller

  8. dr tal

    least dramatic scene ive seen in a while

  9. rinnegan

    Are these dudes, computer engineers or comp-sci?

    • Lyian

      Sometimes just some geeks who are investing some spare time in researching consoles.
      For advanced decompiling, you have to have a deep understanding of compilers and their associated program language.

  10. Bewildered

    Bought a PS Vita for the equivalent of 50 bucks only to realize it was on 3.61! Thinking of attempting to find an exploit instead of playing games and hopefully obtaining henKAKU on 3.61+. Where should I begin if I have the necessary C programming experience? Look for vulnerabilities in RAM/flash dumps?

  11. Ayie

    Wta.. why offline for update henkaku isnt used more.. untill now thi feb 2017 still can t use the offline henkaku.. aspecially when i update vita shell to 1.51.. offline be useless.

    Tq for response.

  12. Asbel_Lhant

    Please don’t bash me but I just wanna ask, if YifanLu does in fact managed to hack f00d will it allow stuff like downgrading ofws and other stuff? I don’t really know anything about the Vita Hacking scene and just discovered HENkaku when I am already updated to 3.61. Also is he also the creator of ChikHEN? that hack for the PSP 3000?

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