Xerpi releases DS3Vita b1, a DualShock3 pairing plugin

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  1. LivingCorruption

    so as first post “keep up the awesome Coding u are doing”

  2. Samsqwamch

    Dude, thanx a bunch. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for for a while now since my left joystick on my Vita won’t work anymore.

  3. AciDBatH

    I’m hoping this will solve the touchscreen pain on the Vita TV. Trying to play white listed games is a pain. Especially borderlands 2.

  4. The_One_They_Call_Mod

    xbox one controller with bluetooth is possible.

  5. Chan Pioon

    This is great but I have a spare Xbox 360 controller around with wireless PC receiver if it would be possible to do the 360 controller.
    Many thanks for the effort so far.

  6. craze

    I’ve followed every step just fine, and it doesn’t work. My vita isn’t detecting it.
    I have checked several times if the mac address is correct and my vita refuses to recognize it.
    I have made sure that the plugin is in the proper area (ux0:tai/ds3vita.skprx), I’ve edited the config file properly, and I think the plugin isn’t working.

    I have made sure that TaiHen is enabled as well.

  7. PsxPWN

    same here, doesn’t seem to work with my vita 1000.

    Do I need a blue tooth dongle with my pc? I tried it wired to my pc and it updates the right mac adress with the tool. Is this wired for now?

    I don’t have a clue how to get it working. I need a video tut

  8. Varon9

    Here’s the same, Vita 1000 doesn’t work for me neither

  9. acidant

    for work it just add +1 value to your vita mac in pair tool. like xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xa(->b) or 1(->2)

  10. Dave

    Hope they come up with app that makes vita a dual shock with pstv. Would be like nintendo switch!

  11. jae

    psv 1100 not wrking

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