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Oclock Vita updated to v1.2, left/right navigation fixed

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    • Am I says:

      For the editor;
      Hey sorry to be a bother, but I think you have to change vpk to plugin in the download Oclock vita section where you mention
      ” just head on over to frangarcj‘s GitHub release page and grab the latest vpk.”
      It was done on the previous post too, so I guess it was a copy paste hehehe…
      Best regards,

  1. Si says:

    Does it improve emulators?

  2. Gambikules says:

    Dont work with DESemu

  3. Danny says:

    I like how he also says “finally everyone has access to OC” even though we already did. This plugin is redundant because it does exactly the same thing g as another plugin we already have and you have to load it the same exact way. Even the font is the exact same. I’m actually suspicious if this is just a copy of the other one without giving Beatplay any credit… Why are we recycling and saying it’s new?

  4. Malik575 says:

    Does it work with any Vita game or only the ripped ones?

  5. stg says:

    i dont quite get it, does it only work with one game?everytime i try to put more than one game in config.txt it doesnt work anymore

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