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Oclock Vita, your new overclock plugin!

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  1. FIRST OF THE YAR says:


  2. Chdonga says:

    Hm… But does it make the Jak & Daxter Collection run better?

  3. GM says:

    Does it still not work for carts

  4. this how you do it, if anyone was having trouble:

    # titleid for your game (this one is for Root//Letter for example)

    And you press select+up to show menu and you press select+down to close menu

    • Bazsh says:

      do i need to copy and paste this ? “”# titleid for your game (this one is for Root//Letter for example)”” or only titleid for your game?

  5. Rosalina says:

    When I try to manually put config.txt in the ‘tai’ folder I get error code: 0x80010002. No idea what I am doing wrong but thanks. If this file is created automatically when the plug runs, please disregard post.

  6. ty says:

    this how you edit the txt file, if anyone was having trouble:

    # titleid for your game (this one is for Root//Letter for example)
    *PCSB00294(this is an example, its ninja gaiden)

    *After you edited the text file restart your vita* (you press select+up to show menu and you press select+down to close menu)

  7. Imhell says:

    What will happen if i try to overclock the game that triggers adrenaline?

  8. mdmyzery says:

    i push select+up and nothing happens. Just scroll up. Do you have to go into the game that you used?

  9. 1234 says:

    What we need is overclock for emulators! When are we gonna have this! 🙂

  10. MarSprite says:

    From a technical perspective, wouldn’t overclocking cause an increase in power consumption and thus a decrease in run time per charge? What does it benefit on a Vita?

    • baltaweapon says:

      It does reduce your on screen time, but some games get great performance boost, I’ve been playing Attack on titan and it is decent, but when I overclock, the frame rate increases to almost constant 60fps. The results are the same with World of final fantasy, so yeah, it is worth it.

    • a person says:

      There are several games which do run with a bit of lag. For example, I’m here bcuz Trails of Cold Steel is a little laggy for me.

  11. erdn says:

    It’s possible to whitelist all the games for this plugin?
    I don’t want to add manually it for each one :S

  12. Danny says:

    The amphetamin plugin already works for taihen if people weren’t already aware. Makes this plugin seem redundant.

  13. hell_knight says:

    This plugin might do the same work initially, but I’m hoping there’s a potential to go for higher clocks. At least in the range of 600mhz. This will help out with the fps in emulation and if the emulators start using the GPU then the current emulators in Retroarch will run smoothly (including nds). Provided that Dynarc works as well. Taihen is opening the possibilities for much more and things like Wii mote on the vita is just the beginning! 🙂

  14. CappDog says:

    So, is the plugin automatically triggered when running a game? If not, why add each game manually?

  15. Nyaruko says:

    Thanks! We use it for the same game lmao. Ar Nosurge has bad framerates on a lot of areas.

  16. Ne0_Chan says:

    Is the plugin still works even in 3.65 henkaku or is there a new update for it just checking for i might destroy my vita for good.

  17. 112 says:

    it dont work with the newest enso….

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