How are these people running 3DS and Wii U games on their PS Vita?

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  1. rycen116 says:

    Gotta try this one. First!

  2. madoria says:

    More like: How are these people running streamings of their 3DS/WiiU games on their PSVitas?

    Its like: WOW, PSNow allow to run PS3 games on PS4. Uh, no?

  3. AyLeMeme says:

    Where do I get roms?


  4. nakedfaerie says:

    Thats what I thought, its just moonlight on Vita.

  5. fate6 says:

    Clickbait tittle and the posters name is “TheGuardian”, Checks out.

  6. Vitaking78 says:

    I had to update the nvidia driver when I got Battlefield 1 .. And now streaming doesn’t work anymore.. Anyone else have the same problem ?

  7. DrRetro says:

    It is a nice way to play emulator games when the vita is too slow for emulating. At the end it only depends on the Input lag how good it is.

  8. An Oni Mouse says:

    I have heard that people that don’t have a NVIDIA card can still stream from the PC using PSPdisp 0.6.1, but I have been unable to make it work. Could it be because I’m trying to run it on Adrenaline instead of VHBL?