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ds4Vita, use your DualShock 4 controller with your Vita

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  1. lunacryd says:

    nice i’m going to give this a try thanks

  2. Metalik says:

    PS Button, L and R don’t work at all

  3. hell_knight says:

    Wow, great job!!! Now if this thing works out with the games and homebrew available smoothly then it is golden. Thank you for your efforts Xerpi & of course the team behind Henkaku, none of this would have been possible without their continuous efforts to achieve the impossible. Thank you guys 🙂

  4. Muffinz47 says:

    sweet just got a ds4 for christmas for use w/ my vita tv. Cannot wait to give this a shot!

  5. TesseractE says:

    As someone who hasn’t really gotten into Vita programming yet, I’m curious as to why this is difficult to get right. Can the method used on the PSTV not be adapted to the Vita?

    • Josh says:

      It probably could, but would require reverse engineering of how the PSTV does it, which would take a lot of effort, and would only allow for the use of the DS3/DS4. The reverse engineering of the Bluetooth module on the other hand theoretically allows us to connect any Bluetooth device.

  6. Enigma Hall says:

    It could lead to add a second controller? Because if the emulators could be upgraded to recognize the imputs we could play with a friend usign the vita as a screen.
    Psx mode I belive is harder but still a sweet dream.

  7. Unfor says:

    Such a good news.
    I hope we get a DS3 support one day (as I own two, and it would be nice to assign one to my PSVita)

  8. xxx says:

    Nice job with the ds4vita plug in it is very good… but it conflict with games with mai-moe folder, they don’t start anymore and when I remove the plugin they restart again.

  9. Ell Enn says:

    Great! Is Dual Shock 2 also working? If not, can it be added in the future, please? 🙂

  10. sense says:

    dualshock 3 support

  11. A A Ron says:

    ive been having trouble with this, the ds4 isnt connecting to the vita can anyone help me

  12. A A Ron says:

    ive been having trouble with this, the ds4 isnt connecting to the vita can anyone help me please any help will be appreciated

  13. SeanP2500 says:

    i couldn’t get this working personally what happens for me is i hit share and ps and the light bar blinks. It shows wireless controller but i can’t pair to it

  14. Zen says:

    Dual Shock 3 support would be great! There are certain arcade sticks that would be functional.

  15. madman45 says:

    I dont understand the config.txt part. Please help

  16. DeviDVS says:

    Analog ticks does not work in remote play:(

  17. cynder2011 says:

    Ive got a ds4 controller for wow…now i need to get a DS4 clip mount for my vita ….oooooo

  18. NB says:

    I have got my ps4 controller connected to vita. Problem what i am facing at the moment is that left analog movements in 4way (up-down-left-right) works good, but in diagonal directions the characters in game only walk (not run) meaning joystick calibration doesnt look proper. Have not test with the right analog stick

  19. NB says:

    Regarding my last post, I observed that the diagonal movements of left analog works proper is ds4vita beta 2.2 in contrast to ds4vita 1.0 which technically is the first non-official beta release. The problem with beta 2.2 is that if i try to pair up both dualshock 4 and bluetooth speakers things start to mess up. Neverthless i thought it was worth mentioning my results.

  20. chardy says:

    Does ds3 or ds4 vibrate when playing psvita games on henkaku even our psvita has no vibrate function itself?

  21. chardy says:

    Does ds3 or ds4 vibrate when playing psvita games on henkaku even our psvita has no vibrate function itself? Also do the speakers in ds4 function when connected to vita? I will buy ds4 conttoller if these will work on psvita..ü

  22. chapas says:

    Quick question, can i connect a wired DS3 or DS4 controller to the USB port of the PSVita TV?

  23. hado says:

    the latest ds4vita has bug on the right stick. Steering in right is much slower compared to steering at left

  24. reta says:

    Can you play 2 player with this?
    For PS1 games for example.

  1. January 4, 2017

    […] to use a DualShock 3 controller on your Vita/PSTV. It is a bit more fiddly than his other plugins DS4Vita and ViiMote but it does the job for whoever needs […]

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