nds-bootstrap loader released, run commercial DS games off the SD card

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  1. RyDog


  2. DaGamer12345

    His name’s actually shutterbug2000, not shatterbug2000.

  3. Anonymous

    ahezard made this, he is the one working in it

    Shutterbug helped a little and made the thread, but ahezard is the true dev

  4. Richardo


    here is a longer video if you want to add it, I just found it on the GBA thred

  5. Ahezard

    Hi, I am the main developper of nds-bootstrap and I am very unhappy with this article. This is not shatterbug2000 loader! This is a team work. Please correct it.

    The contributor to the projects so far are :
    – Ahezard (myself)
    – Apache-Thunder
    – _catcatcat
    – Shutterbug2000 (not shatterbug)
    – Gericom
    – Robz8

    This is all visible on github, next time do some research before posting something like that.

    • Typhoon_Neon

      Sure thing. I think you’re just overreacting since everyone is properly credited. But I will change it, no worries 🙂 However I would appreciate if you didn’t attack other people’s work because you don’t like how something is written. I’m easy to find, you can just go talk to me instead of throwing a fit on a comment section.

      However I never meant to fool anyone or credit the wrong people. It was rather late as I was writing (on Xmas night too) and I got those bits wrong. So I do apologize for that and the mistake has been fixed. I hope next time this can be kept more… private. 😛

      • Ahezard

        Ok no problem, I understand. I appreciate your correction. I agree I overreacted. I regularly consult this website and appreciate your work. Thanks.

        • Typhoon_Neon

          Hey man no problem! I’m just glad we can sort this out so easily 🙂 Next time please consult me first! I’ll be glad to correct myself 🙂 As I said, I really didn’t mean to create this. I will also take more care in the future so this doesn’t happen again! All I want is to spread the work of everyone to as many people as possible 😀

          Thanks for being understanding man!

    • Red

      So much for Christmas spirit..we aren’t only human man. I doubt the mistake was made on purpose. To be fair shutterbugs thread really isn’t the most organized thread ever designed..

      It will be fixed, I’m sure of it. Although if it were up to me you’re reply wouldn’t still be here. Trust me I know what it’s like to be Miscredited but you don’t need to be a ***. Just makes others hate you and not want to look up to you.

  6. William

    Oh God one simple mistake and *** hits the fan, get a life loser

  7. BlumCoLe


  8. Someone

    Cant you just plug in a supercard instead? pretty sure everyone interested in “pirating” or running backups already has one.

    • Alerdy

      You’d be surprised.

    • Zeke

      Yeah you can use a SuperCard DSTWO for example, which I have, but it’s a real drain on the battery especially on the 3DS. I expect it’s because it has an onboard co-processor/CPU originally built to help emulators (specifically the SNES one) and it’s always in the background drawing a little power in order for the card to work.


    The Forwarder works exactly like TWloader except no menu and goes straight into the game.
    Imo I prefer it way more than TWLoader as you dont need to open a menu to get into the DS Game.

  10. Confused

    Somebody… Please elaborate this line

    “3. (Required. An error screen will appear if this isn’t installed.) Install “TWLoader – TWLNAND side.cia" that’s in “sdmc:/_nds/twloader/cia/" to SysNAND (also to EmuNAND, if you have EmuNAND).”

    i followed everything except that. How to install to Sysnand?

    • Typhoon_Neon

      Use FBI, there should be an option to install .cia to SysNAND instead of SD Card. I would give you better instructions but I’m at family’s lunch and no 3DS around.

      Be careful though, there should be no issue but I must always advise about installing stuff to SysNAND. Though when I did the same for the GBA emulator I had no issues.

  11. LitMoiBois

    Question does this work with Gatewat

  12. ikesterbelmnt

    i have fbi 2.4.5 and luma how can I install twloader cia to sysnand,wheres the option in fbi to instal cia into sysnand via emunand?

  13. Anonymously Anonymous

    Would I be able to use this to install A9LH using the NDS games,? Since I do not own any of them and it’s too late to buy them.

  14. TheVideoGamer

    This program works in the firmware 11.2.0-35u?

  15. Zeke

    Hmmm. All the games I’d want to play just hang the thing (white screen). Not really compatible enough to be useful at this stage, which is a shame.

  16. dudung

    does it run in stable fps….?