TheFloW unveils USB Mass Storage for PS Vita, releases in February

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  1. Corrigan says:

    I just hope this works for PS TVs too.

  2. ROD says:

    Luckily and hopefully this won’t require the Vita to be hacked. If so, I’ll buy it in e heartbeat.

    • Swegl0rdZZ says:

      of course it will need to be hacked.
      and i doubt he’s gonna charge money for it or he might get into trouble with the law faster than one could thinkt

    • potato says:

      sounds like you missed out on 3.60 lol

    • Aces says:

      The vita will certainly need to be hacked. Probably a USB mode plugin added into vita shell

    • warfaren says:

      Go ahead and buy it, you’ll be able to hack it if you do. Why would you want this without the hack anyway? Why would anyone want a Vita today without running a hack on it when Sony basically discontinued the device?

      • BenoitRen says:

        I know why someone would want a PS Vita without hacks: to be able to play games released for firmware 3.61+.

        Just because Sony isn’t supporting it anymore doesn’t mean third-party developers aren’t.

  3. Honzis says:

    “…this is the tweet that set the scene on fire a few months back…”

    You probably meant to say days. It happened last week.

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      Was it? I’ve been away for some time and it feels like ages since I saw that. I’ll correct myself then. Thanks!

      Edit: In hindsight, I could have just looked at the Tweet’s date but I still have to write about two more things so I was kind of in a hurry since it is Christmas today and I have place to be at.

      Thanks 😀

    • Badcam3 says:

      Idk what you are talking about. It’s already March 2017.

  4. subhaGamer says:

    Its a great news!Waiting for February to come 😉

  5. Franky says:

    I hope The Flow is doing okay. After reading the initial tweet some guy said that The Flow has been working too hard and should take a break, The Flow said he would withhold a release until February in a rather passive aggressive way. If you read this The Flow, I hope you’re taking good care of yourself, have a happy holiday, and thank you for all you’ve done.

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      I did see that. Seemed like a rather odd reaction, but I made nothing of it. FloW has taken to trolling as a way to deal with Twitter, which isn’t a bad idea.

  6. Solarus says:

    This is good who knows in the future to create a tool to extract vpk to copy the game folder directly instead of installing

  7. Salar says:

    Flow , You , and everyone behind the scene , are truely LEGEND.
    Merry Chris mass everyone.

  8. The_One_They_Call_Mod says:

    who did the mp4 trick, the psp game saves way was much better and faster.

  9. If only this had happened a year sooner, it would have been a life saver to me. At least this will make things easier for transferring though. I might just get my Vita back into full time use again.

  10. Demian says:

    I’m holding my hope on this (thanks TheFlow!). As it might mean that I can directly install games on my Vita memory card without needing double-space to have them installed.
    In the same way, I’ve an idea (in the sense of thought), that it may open the possibility to allow our Vita’s to run games already “installed” on our PC’s, via a “virtual” memory by redirecting memory calls (take my idea please!). Time will tell, but this is for sure, the best new I’ve got for Xmas!

    Yippee ki-yay ***! 😛

  11. Mezamir says:

    It’s good news. I hate QCMA and specialy FTP manager.
    I have one question. Is it possible to translate game for PS Vita at the moment?

  12. Merry Christmas, fellow citizens of Wololo!

    Live long and prosper!

    Your friendly neighbourhood Planeswalker, Monster Hunter and Sith

  13. irghigfv says:

    Actually, NOT goodbye QCMA. This can’t replace QCMA’s backup and restore function. It does only mean, goodbye ftp.

    • Jackall4BDN says:

      Yes, it actually does, everything qcma can back up, Vitashell can back up, too but better and without some arbitrary database to jumble things up. You just need to know where things are located

  14. ivanka trump says:

    we L u

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