Double release: ButtonSwap and QR Code Reader

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    • Typhoon_Neon

      You are. From now on I shall be the “Arbiter of the First”. If there are doubts about who’s first, I shall tell you since I can see everything about your comments! /evil_laugh

      • Nexoz

        In my two years following this is the first time I am able to write that stupid comment and it does feels pretty good.

  1. Demian

    “First!”: Useless comment, reflecting IQ, IMO.
    Something I think, we should be aware of when reading QR codes, is that they might lead to a place where our vita’s could get owned (like updating to most recent version or worse). Be careful.

  2. MyLegGuy

    IA/VT is probably one of the worst examples you could’ve given for a game where you may want to swap X and O because it’s a rhythm game where you have to press specific buttons.

    • Typhoon_Neon

      You are absolutely positively right. I thought about that just as I was booting the game, then I tried playing it and it worked fine (for me) because in my head I also swapped the buttons lol. But I’ll edit with a better example. Thanks 😛

  3. Rolenzo

    finally, a way to use cubic ninja with ps vita.

  4. i386

    lol, I play mostly specifically JPN games because of the jpn button mapping.
    X for Select/OK is the most *** decision SCEA has ever made. Backwards and illogical as ***.

  5. Scorp

    Can you please stop calling me by name of git repo? It is not my fault that “Scorp” was already taken before.

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