UAE4All Mod v1.23 for Vita released, picks up where the original left off

4 Responses

    • DrRetro says:

      hehe, I’m not the only one who think first at this game when he hears something about an Amiga Emu. 😉

      Turrican 1-3 played mobile on the vita, yes! ^^

      • Rolo says:

        And then…Xenon 2! LOL 😉 Im not sure the bomb the bass tune really stands the test of time quite so well – ironic since at the time the music was one of the things that made it the coolest game around. Ah the good old days – I seem to recall it was around the same time as everyone decided wearing shell suits was the way forward 😉

        If you werent alive in the late 80s,, please just google shell suits 80s and look under images. Everyone looked like that, LMAO. In fact you were ostracized if you didnt.