Heads up. God of War PS4 Pro Limited Edition ships with firmware 4.73. (Affiliate link)

SwitchKaku 1.05 released, fixes file paths

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  1. Nah

    pffffff super mega slow site.

  2. sloppycrap

    Do people really ever turn their Vitas off? The only time I ever do that is when it hangs, and it almost never does.

    Of course, I was amazed at people who turned their PSPs off, too. I just use sleep mode.

    The upside to upgrading for henkaku was being able to play more recent games and the official whitelist of legit games that I owned but couldn’t install. It really doesn’t make up for losing TN-X, though.

    • solidsnake

      Hi. Yes. I am 37 years old and still believe that putting any device into sleep mode will affect its life span. But technology has changed so much since the days of the good old VCR and CASSETTE recorder. In fact, my windows pc always acts funny after it wakes up from sleep mode. So, yes, sleep mode is just not a trusted thing to do. Would you leave a light switch on forever on a very dim setting? This is an interesting topic that seems to always show itself. Maybe someone can write about?

      • Sloppycrap

        You must take *** care of your electronics, son 🙂 I’m older than you, I get to say that since you brought it up.

        Amongst my weaponry is a used PSP 1000 (still going strong on the original battery), a new PSP 3000 (something wrong with the battery terminal where it won’t connect with the battery), a perfectly functional Go where the box was yellowed from sitting in stock for so long, and a launch 3G Vita I bought NIB from a friend two years ago. All my games are on a 32GB card and everything but UMvC3 is legit. I don’t know what you’re doing to your stuff to kill it but I’m not ruining mine like you do.

    • M

      I reset my vita only when qcma is refusing to connect. Which happens often.

  3. Rg

    Why would you need to be online everytime to use homebrew just use offline email trick I don’t connect online and turn off my vita pretty simple

  4. Guy

    TaiHEN doesn’t work without wifi, so it’s not really “offline”. Henkaku works fine though. You can see his wifi is switched on in the video, heck you can even see it downloading TAIHEN!

    • Aces

      My taihen works offline.
      Sometimes it takes a while though.
      Get sick of seeing the “please wait” thing sometimes

    • DayVeeBoi

      You are most definitely wrong. Yes, you have to use the online installer (to be able to install switchkaku), once installed you unquestionably do not need to be online to trigger the hack.

  5. Mezamir

    It is possible to translate games for PS Vita?

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