taiHEN beta 8 released; recommended by Yifan over stable


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  1. Salar says:

    Updating Now

  2. Maxximus says:

    It’s team molecule not team xyz.

  3. groxack says:

    “Compatibility for a future VitaShell update” and the flow twetting about usb transfer, mmh interesting.

  4. Darko says:

    THANK YOU (^_^)/
    my brain is a bit tired I forgot the way to properly intall the offline installer…
    I istalled the VPK (again) but when I open the mail i got some wrong message in RED

    henkaku failed to install taiHen: error code 0xffffffffffffffffffffffff

    Can someone help me??
    Thanks in Advance

  5. Eldrix says:

    Why does it still say R7 when you update? even with the offline installer

  6. Schadows says:

    Does someone knows if the “no memory card found” error still happen sometimes in games after waking from sleep mode ?
    I started using HENkaku for the amphetamin plugin but after loosing some progress because the game (God Eater 2) could see the memory card anymore twice (tried to eject and reinsert it but to no avail) I eventually stopped using it.

    Is it safe now ?

    • Akabane87 says:

      There is a fix for this problem for ages :
      – Backup and delete “ux0:\user\00\savedata_backup\list.dat” file.
      – Create a folder named “list.dat” (“ux0:\user\00\savedata_backup\list.dat\”).
      And voilà!

    • Ayu says:

      Personally it stopped for me since using Taihen. I now leave my vita with a game in sleep for days.

  7. cringe says:

    “I’m a girl that’s liked(…)”
    Oh geez, why do this.

  8. talmagal says:

    it still says r7 when using beta.henkaku.xyz though the build is recent

  9. Natalie says:

    What’s the chances that a PSN spoofer will come along any time soon? My Vita is collecting dust atm 🙁

  10. Rikku says:

    Still not stable, got black screen when run Gohanmem but it okay on catriege based game, mai dum game got black screen

  11. isabel says:

    where is the vitashell that is updated to match taihen?
    also, what is the unsafe mode for?

  12. Akua Arhinful says:

    When is psn spoofing coming back???

  13. LukeRoot says:

    Mathieulh is a clever guy but never contributed, he teased everyone (PS3 cfw days)

    Long live Graf Chokolo!!!!