PS4 Hack: Hacker Mathieulh recommends to buy a 3.70 Pro and to “not update it”


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  1. jc

    i’m selling a PS4 in firmware 1.76, if someone is interested

  2. Idiot

    Lol they work for Sony they want to sell more ps4 pro.they have nothing that why they will not release a jailbreak

  3. Alan

    As far as i remember my ps4 is in 3.55 , it’d be amazing to see this scene flourish.

  4. i512

    Mathieulh is a joke and a hack, no pun intended. That this name’s still relevant today (after all this article bears his name) is absurd.

  5. Rolenzorol

    F$%^ !! I want to buy ps4 pro then get the ff15 pro update :(((

  6. slashmegaman

    should I really worry about another ps4??

    I got two.

    my up to date fw and one on 3.15…

    should I really shelve out another 300$?

    would I he missing anything if I don’t get a ps4 pro?..

  7. Salar

    ill have a PS4 waiting on 4.01
    Bring it on 😀 its been ages since i kept it at that firmware

  8. MunchMiller

    People still hold any faith in this clown? lol Ya, think I’ll curb my enthusiasm until something or someone reputable has anything to show.

  9. Aces

    Mathieulh is legend!

  10. Noobaloob

    Time to get a second ps4….primero, mono, uno…first!

  11. Noobaloob

    Damn dude, there were no post when I submitted my comment. Then pow….I’m not first

  12. Rocko

    Does anyone know why the Retroarch Vita and PSP nightlies are gone?

  13. Ragnarok01

    I have a ps4 1100 series and used it for naybe a year with 2tb drive if anyone interested

  14. DSpider

    They said the same thing for 1.76… “Buy the Uncharted bundle” they said… Where’s my backups at? Oh, wait, you can’t run backups. There’s no CFW, no loaders, nothing. But LOOK! It can run Linux! Oh, joy! Now I can play emulated games that I can play on my phone!

    The PS4 “scene” is pathetic.

    • lol

      Hacking scene will never bear guarantees, deal with it

    • ESpider

      yeah, buy a PS4 slim/pro with lowest firmware possible so that you can play gba games and run linux on it.

      hope those devs aren’t like failovefl0w that only teases hacks, “look what I can do with my ps4 and you can’t”


      • bfka

        Guys, guys, guys…there is no confirmation of anything in the most basic form of it – a literal one. Even more, no one claims nothing. For example if I have proof I will shoot video and share it, and in the end I will release nothing, simple as that! (f0w in that case, but I’m not talking about Linux) But for now we only have “buy this, sell that, wiat for it” and nothing.

    • Dan

      100 percent agree.They suck

  15. nCadeRegal

    It is my personal opinion that this is a waste, the 1.76 hack has been out for ages and nothing has come of it. Its not worth missing all the online oferings from sony, unless you have a second ps4. Id love to be proven wrong

    • Matt

      Not many people have access to a 1.76FW Ps4 – A Jailbreak on pre 4.06 opens this up to many more developers, you’ll see an explosion of activity if this happens.

    • andrew

      You already have, if you read the forms at psxhax you would know that people are running steamOS and package manager with debug settings. Not only that but peek and poke is now possible which if u remember made running backups possible on the ps3

  16. sh21ab

    I do not know I’m suspicious because every year end advertising for sony comes back as a hack ‘buy a ps4 and do not update it’ ‘

  17. GigaSinner

    The guy hasn’t done anything relevant in forever. I wouldn’t trust him, he just says stuff to try and stay relevant.

  18. Ivanka trump

    Its logical not to update if you happen to have one. Anybody into the scene knows this i dont see what makes him so special on tweetle deeing about it

  19. DawgY

    I bought a PS4 Pro off of Amazon this weekend and just received it this evening. It is on OFW v3.70. Anyone interested, I suggest picking one up ASAP! =)

  20. andrew

    Just bought a ps4 slim and came with 4.01. it’s the one bundled with Uncharted 4

  21. Mathieulhisadouche

    It’s the same Mathieulh that teased PS3 scene back in the day and never released his stuff.

  22. lunacryd

    math is a liar guys don’t believe the hype

  23. ESpider

    this is confusing, do we update to 4.05 below or stay 3.70..

  24. zalibidas

    Naahh. My PS4 is for playing PS4 games. I don’t care about any homebrew or other such nonsense. Anything it can do modded, my PC can do better.

  25. ZombieSlayer

    “If you don’t plan on sharing it, don’t even talk about it".

    I agreed. There is no point in even wasting your time hacking the device, if you are not going to put it to use.

  26. Superfluous

    Just an FYI: I just got both a PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro a couple of days ago. The Pro is indeed on 3.70, but the Slim has 4.00 on it. Still should be good if anything ever gets released, but definitely not 3.55 🙂

  27. Ragip

    What for ı buy 3.70 pro?
    Backup or homebrew or both?

  28. LukeRoot

    Mathieulh is a clever guy but never contributed, he teased everyone (PS3 cfw days)

    Long live Graf Chokolo!!!!

  29. P3T3

    SLim watchdogs 2 500GB pack ships with 3.55 FW!

  30. real g

    only lies… hackers are gone 🙁

  31. Charles Fasano

    Just bought a PS4 Pro today from GameStop and it was at 3.70. Now I’m happy as a clam. Now I can update my old Phat PS4 to 4.06 and play some games.

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