Tutorial: Mod better voices into Duke Nukem 3D by Akula

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  1. Salar says:

    Its nice to know that we can now be able to mod duke nukem 😀

  2. Girouette says:

    Are these ALL the voices from the new version?
    I really don’t want to hear Duke say “BAZINGA!” again…

  3. Rolenzo says:

    This is very cool. Always nice to be able to improve a port’s quality

  4. Mrsnippy says:

    Now, if only we knew how to add custom levels to the game… i’d be an happy man !

    • Akula says:

      Funny you should mention that, that’s my next goal. It’ll likely be a chapter replacer, and the added levels will likely have to be built with base assets, but I’m hoping I can get it to work.

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