Copying files to the PSVita via Android (no root needed)


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  1. Dalton_Corazon

    you can use andFTP. less step

    • Lonewolf08

      Yeah that’s the one I have always used, I tried a few others back when I was first trying to find one and I didn’t like turboftp. Snice then I stuck with andftp for both my 3ds and vita.

    • Lonewolf08

      I can vouch for andftp, I tried a good amount and andftp was the best.

  2. Noob

    Plz do one on windows XP

  3. Enigma Hall

    It works also with smarthphones who can create a hotspot without need of a router like galaxy note 3 and the app ftpcafe.
    Using this about one week and is good of you want to install games going to work.

  4. Ricky D

    As most of us know……….As most of us know………


  5. erald0

    For them noobs:no, this method doesn’t use ur internet data.enjoy 😉

  6. Tommy lee

    Wow are u for real been doing this with a better method for a very long time

  7. TechTomas

    I’d really like to see a program like vita organizer and the way you can install games from that program by promoting and it just installs the game no need for the extra steps and storage space but this is great