VitaDL, a WIP file downloader for your Vita

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  1. SeanP2500 says:

    Thank you for this. Little does the local panera know but it will soon be providing me files for my vita…now we need some sort of mode to spoof mac id or something and then scrub it hahahaha

  2. the crooked one says:

    First desu

  3. d4rk51d3 says:

    Very nice. If it could only be hooked to the browser, like GetVPK.
    Still, watching with interest.

  4. Trunk208 says:

    Add some basic stuff like copy/paste?
    Kind of don’t want to retype everything because some or most of the time a long url and the most major problem is
    The vita doesn’t even have this basic stuff in the browser lol

  5. Reluna says:

    If we create xamp server on local computer then use VitaDL to download file from it via http, does it faster than the slow *** ftp?

  6. Catmato says:

    From the title of this article, I thought it was a downloader for WIP files. Almost passed over it thinking it was something for developers.

  7. tux says:

    Yes the vita browser is a bit wonky but out of all the web browsers on handheld game consoles you have to give it points for at least being usable unlike the 3ds browser

  8. goyscript wpa2 says:

    can i run true image backup files?

  9. 1 says:

    “… and is full of vulnerabilities.”

    How so? Isnt it based on Webkit? Unless you mean that Webkit is full of vulnerabilities.

  10. 115 says:

    Now, we need a torrent downloader on a vita.