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The Nintendo Bug Bounty: What does it mean for 3DS users?

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  1. dagger says:

    and yet those same people who said it doenst matter later come out and whine when someone reports an exploit they have been keeping secret for years, in the recent days take the PS4 exploit as an example.

  2. talmagal says:

    this bounty program is prolly more for the switch to help prevent piracy on that system make the switch the new vita in terms of security

  3. DickerSchwanz says:

    Nice article, had a good read. Thanks!

  4. RiotDX says:

    This really means more for future Nintendo consoles and even competitors’ future consoles if it goes well for Nintendo. If a hacker finds a major kernel exploit on, say, the Switch, should he develop it into a CFW/HBL and release his work for free to a bunch of people who will probably be ungrateful and just demand more (as theFlow just experienced), or avoid the work and cash it in for a payday? What’s more, it will be impossible to share his work with even a small group of like-minded hackers to help work on a CFW solution without worrying about one of them cashing in his work as their own.

    In fact, I predict that the Switch hacking scene will experience that exact thing: someone will find an exploit and begin work on a hack, and one of their trusted friends will sell said exploit to Nintendo behind their back.

  5. BakaWolf says:

    Well im kinda intrested if hackers hav such a low dignitiy and sell it for 100 – 20.000 $, even the offer is kinda squishy “100 – 20.000” its meaningless if u look on how much they make with just a mario or Pokemon in a year.
    I dont think they will even pay u twice like the new buisness model in the smealum example, when ur exploit changes nothing, if nintendo is really after a save console then why the heck a r they not recruiting the whole scene in their teams instead of that *** offer.
    The only reason for this move could be the mind game RiotDX meant that no one will trust each other in the scenes now.
    But i hope they will get the opposite and the nintendo hacking scene will become nintendos biggest nightmare, so that nintendo regret the idea of that they could buy our Robintendo Hoods for such a low price xD
    And my last words goes to the piracy thing:
    Come on guys get your heads out of the ***, that is nothing new and all of the scene are kinda using it for illegal course (just read the AGBs allmost everything is illegal in the company opinionses) and even that people say it hurt the company its funny that the big 3 are still in business even with piracy since their beginning and most pirates are anyway to lazy to get their hands on complicated exploits and waiting till they are easier but at that moment the console is after their zenits anyway like the psp -.-
    btw.the so much defended PSvita got burned actually without really piracy and the ps3 verry exploited is one of the most sold consoles.
    And for those people which are saying the hacking and exploiting is for fun then may i ask u if they would give a baby a loaded gun for fun?
    They know the consquenses and i think they should stand to it cause in one way they helping many young and old people like with the region unlock for the 3DS or the customisation that even the portable devices gets the feeling of cool mods for pokemon and others .

  6. ROCKMAN1216 says:

    Honestly this would be pretty bad for the hacking scene if hackers follow through with this, not from a piracy stand point but from a homebrew standpoint, and being able to emulate games on a system that wouldn’t have supported them to begin with, this wouldn’t stop piracy in the slightest, especially since a lot of the time especially with DS or cartridge based products, the hack is going to be in the cartridge itself, not in the system if someone wants to pirate stuff they will just buy that cartridge and pirate away. This will only really affect the homebrew scene, and who knows Nintendo might just cheap out on a lot of them. heck most flashcart makers wouldn’t follow with this because there is more of a financial incentive to make the exploit, and sell the carts themselves, and make a profit as a opposed to give the exploit to Nintendo who will then give them maybe 500 bucks, I sincerely doubt any hacker is going to be getting 20,000 dollars

  1. December 28, 2016

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