Copying files to the PSVita… via an iOS device (jailbroken)


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  1. Gazra

    There is a way easier way without changing the file extension. Just connect the vita to the same network (or make a hotspot from your I device and connect to that) then open any from client on the vita (let’s say vitashell and press select) then on the iOS device open ifile and tap the globe and connect to FTP server and done transfer what you like where ever you like without limitations.

    • Gazra

      Sorry not the globe the bottom right button then the bottom left and finally FTP server. Simples.

    • Aurora

      That should work too but you have to click on the “tabs” button on the bottom right to add the FTP connection not the globe icon.

  2. harry190

    I use Filza and connect my vita via ftp it’s easy. We can use Android device as well with ftp client like turbo ftp and working good. I don’t use computer to transfer files for my vita 🙂

    • Aurora

      Yeps. It works too (my method avoids the changing IP numbers and you can use it without HEN enabled) 🙂

  3. chris

    Or just use a file browser from the AppStore and ftp it to the Vita in any directory you want. No jailbreak necessary. Slow news day, huh?

  4. chris

    Or use a simple file browser from the AppStore and ftp files to the Vita anywhere on the memory card. No jailbreak necessary. Slow news day, huh?

    • Aurora

      Before you blurt out comments, please give out a discrete suggestion and it wouldn’t hurt if you told us how to use a ‘simple file browser’ to copy over Mega files either.

    • Sleetui

      It’s sad to see people like you on this site. No need to be an ignorant person. What a shame, huh?

  5. xstationbr

    IOS blargh…
    Android 5 or 6 is better.
    im using an Galaxy S7 Flat with Android 6.1 and Turbo Client (FTP Transfer File App Free on GooglePlay Store).
    Just open Turbo Client, creat an profile to PS VITA using PS VITA ip and protocol, save, open VITA SHELL or MOLECULAR SHELL or Whatever, sinc and Voilá.
    *Remenbering you can use WiFi Thetering from Galaxy S7 (works with anyone smarthphone android), to conect directly to PS VITA and pair the conection to an good , stable and fast transfers.
    But using local wifi too is fast.
    Thank for you post, but here my contribution to theirs like want read coments here to yours too.
    See yahh.
    by XStationBR Brazil

  6. Bernouilli92

    No need to have a jailbroken iPhone.
    I use Goodreader that can ftp to the psvita. The psvita can either be connected to the same wifi as the iPhone or can be connected to the iPhone using tethering.

  7. juniorpsvita

    Android “X-plore” app.

  8. moobz

    do iphones not have a f2p client without jail breaking? i literally just downloaded an f2p app on my android and did this without any file extension changing nonsense

  9. Thegamer

    So amazing it’s not like Android could already do that day 1 just tells me how crappy iPhone is and how sad to have one it is so not worth to own one