taiHENkaku updated to Beta 6, final release ever closer

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  1. Bigscrotem says:


  2. ZeroSbr says:

    Do I lose anything from switching to this from Henkaku R6? PS1/PSP compatibility? The ability to use the (experimental) emulators I currently have installed?

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      As far as I know, no. I’ve used taiHENkaku for a while and all I’ve needed to get to work, worked. There might be a few incompatibilities but none major that I am aware of. And if you find any problems you can always go back to R6 any time, so you can at least give it a try.

  3. TheTruth says:

    PSN spoofing no longer works. This might be fixed in the future, but is currently low priority.

    WHY?!? Make this high priority FFS!

    • ZeroSbr says:

      Probably because there are viable workarounds, and actual functionality is more important.

    • WindSlash says:

      Download via a PS3! connect the PSVita to the PS3 via content manager, open with vita update blocker working on your PC and transfert your download. That way all games downloaded on the PS3 and transfered to the vita are automatically activated. But if you’re speaking of the multiplayer function, that’s a problem…

    • Mig says:

      stop complaining, don’t give orders, be thankful.

  4. Reza says:

    someone tell davee to unban reza on #henkaku #vitasdk

  5. lunacryd says:

    i think there is a bug or something with the new beta taihenkaku R7 when i try to connect to content manager it wants me to update but when i install the regular henkaku it dosnt ask me for updates

    • Typhoon_Neon says:

      After some lurking, I’ve read enough around that QCMA does not seem to work with taiHENkaku. Only with Henkaku R6. Hopefully someone files a report about this.

  6. Natalie says:

    Can someone please convince me to stay on Firmware 3.60… I don’t pirate games, I use emulators on my phone. I have SAO Hollow Realisation sitting next to me, unable to play due to it requiring FW 3.61… I haven’t seen anything come out of this TaiHENkaku.. But please prove me wrong if I am xD
    I want to update but I want to stay at the same time lol. Should I stay on 3.60 and hope this “CFW” actually goes somewhere or….?

    • Akabane87 says:

      All depends of what you expect from a CFW ?

      Is this homebrews ? Then it depends on the independant devs.
      Is this emulators ? You already have a lot available right now.
      Is this customisation ? Then it’s something that will come.

      Except that if you don’t care about all this and about piracy, then update…

      • Natalie says:

        Emulators are meh, customisation is interesting but it depends on what level, if it’s just icon packs then go away lol. I’d love a new app launcher that doesnt suck… No idea if that’s possible on this CFW… and PSN access is also important. I’ve got a PS4 so I can buy and transfer games but I’d still like to install DLC and play online

  7. talmagal says:

    think the latest taihenkaku breaks switch kaku. if i run henkaku to switchkaku works but if using switchkaku i use triangle to run it it and then run taihenkaku offline seems to work but when i go back into switchkaku to switch to henkaku default cant reset it and gives error when trying to reset email.db

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