PkgDecrypt: St4rkDev decrypts PKG Files


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15 Responses

  1. Rikku says:

    Gagal Pertamax

  2. ShrineFox says:

    So does the PS4 use different keys?

  3. ..!..(^_^)..!.. says:

    is this can be decrypt license permision on psp .rif file?

  4. Potatomuster420 says:

    can we decrypt updates using this?

  5. AcromioClavicular says:

    Does this open the doors for cheats?

  6. elve says:

    the “beginning” of the psvita emulator

    • Anon says:

      There’s nothing to emulate yet, since EBOOTs are still encrypted (aren’t they?).

      At least now there’s no need to bother with dumping whole games when you can get them directly off of PSN at any time and just back up the decrypted (reconstructed) EBOOT if you want to play your game on any of your Vitas and PSN accounts in the future.

      I’m also curious whether this tool decrypts DLC and game updates.

  7. ellen says:

    Axiom Verge Dump now?? 🙂

  8. Al says:

    Would this be the first step to Vita games being runnable on a PS3?

  9. ArcFutahito says:

    This xfce DE with arc theme looks like mirror image of my desktop.

  10. Dat-Hacker says:

    Could we use this to decrypt Minecraft DLC .pkg files to use custom skins?