VitaShell updated to 1.43, reload the config.txt file for taiHENkaku without restarting!

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  1. 0x7FFFFFFF

    Please BAN users that only comment “first”please.

  2. clark

    hi i know this is off topic.. is there a way to install henkaku im currently on 3.5 firmware,, but its not supported

  3. Don

    How to download?

  4. noobsaibot

    Does this mean spoofing works again??i mean logging in to psn without updating?

  5. cheeyee09

    Does this mean that changing the settings like “Enable unsafe homebrew” doesn’t need a reboot or is this specific to reload of config.txt only.

  6. Mipo

    Does this mean I can swap or insert memory card without a full reboot? I really need a feature like that.

    I mistakenly inserted my memory card in the newest firmware vita and now it requires me to update the system to use it. Only if the henkaku framework remains after a reboot, or if I can insert the memory and use it without a reboot, will I be able to retrieve my files on that memory card.

    I am rooting on you my dear Hackers.

  7. Noobaloob

    Am I the only one not seeing a download option?

  8. JohnnyLove007

    not show pspemu folder

  9. clark

    hi there is ther a way,, to install adrenaline,, without any game installed to our vita? or any way i can install,, anything,, in cant install from store,, coz it will ask to update frirmware?? im on 3.6

    • Setzer Gabianni

      There are two confirmed ways: in one you need a PS3 in the latest fw and with the other you need a PSP with cfw. About 10 post ago here in Wololo itself explained the two methods. Try to find it, i could explain the two process but it would be a reaaaally big post so good luck.

  10. JP

    Anyone working on a proper ftp client? would love to install vpks directly from my pc 🙂

  11. justin

    help !! after update to hen7 my molecular became safemoda, can anyone tell me what happen?

  12. fgfd

    cant get to setting ….
    when i go seting i get ” realod taihen config.txt

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