3DS/Wii U hacks & PS4 Hardware Reverse Engineering: upcoming console hacking talks at CCC by Fail0verflow and other groups


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10 Responses

  1. bbb says:

    If they take Smealum as an example. We can expect something to release~
    But ofcource 3ds scene / ps4 scene is different
    will ccc be streamed?

  2. Pajfu says:

    I lost the game

  3. Salar says:

    Well i hope for a demonstration on PS4 OFW 4 exploit
    lets see what we get

  4. DSpider says:

    “…used widely on hacked PS4s today” is a bit of an overstatement.

    • Zeke says:

      I thought that, then I realised it’s fair comment. What’s being said is that if someone has a hacked PS4, most likely it’s based on that. Not that there’s loads of hacked PS4s out there, because there aren’t. Not yet, anyway…

      The real question is, if after these presentations there will actually be content made available for the end user. My main contention with f0f has been they just show off their prowess and then don’t release the brunt of their efforts to the scene, which makes what they do tantamount to showboating. Performers not contributors.

      The latter part of this post which mentions advanced 3DS/Wii U hacks is more interesting. We’re not that far off full CFW for Wii U and of course we’ve been at that point with the 3DS for some time now, which is why I own both really – that and Mario Kart. HID2VPAD homebrew allows you to play basically any retail or backup with whatever pad you can make the Wii U support; I particularly enjoyed running Deus Ex: Human Revolution DC with a GameCube pad, for example.

  5. Dan says:

    failoverblow is the worst team ever they re lame

  6. Anim says:

    Stay on 4.00, but no hope for jailbreak. I don’t care about online gaming, DLC or game patches, but if upcoming 2017 Mass Effect required latest firmware, then I’m done with 4.00…and probably switch to Xbox, **** sony.