taiHENkaku updated to Beta 5! Here comes the stability.

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  1. Miku

    Getting error 80871007 trying to install any vpk with this new beta.

  2. d4rk51d3

    Great to see things moving ahead. Although, I haven’t had any issues with the Beta releases yet.
    Keep up the good work….. Watching in awe.

  3. Ivan

    Estou com problemas com ftp cliente ele não conecta no meu vita antes até conectava agora não mais tentei outros ftp cliente e nada alguem com mesmo problema que eu ??

  4. x

    cant connect to ftp using this new taiHen in vitaShell 🙁 and also QCMA if taiHen is installed

    • Bak

      Did you enable unsafe homebrew? If not:

      Instal tai, open molecular, press start, enable unsafe homebrew, reboot, install tai, done.

  5. Yyu

    Great, I will try it immedietly

  6. Derp

    Still waiting for psn spoofing lol, can’t install adrenaline without it

  7. Benuno

    After the update I’m now unable to access the ux0:/pspemu folder via any app. For example the adrenaline easy installer also can’t find any psp games :S. Do others also have this problem with this version 😕

    • d4rk51d3

      Can see via Vitashell, but seems to break Adrenaline in some areas. ISO files still show in the XMB, but launching them gives error 8002012a, I think.

    • Alpmaster

      Yes I have had that error before the pspemu disappeared. I fixed it by installing the second to last build Henkaku. Most of the time I got an error with email not existing it drove me insane.

      • Benuno

        The problem i mentioned arised because i forgott to turn on “use unsafe hombrew” config in molecularshell after installing the newer version :S (#fail). Otherwise all works as before. I can also start iso’s files as before.

  8. I was disappointed to see my firmware become 3.61 with taihenkaku but powered it off and restarted only only to see it back to 3.60 .Scary stability update for beta users.

  9. mike

    Can’t install. It keeps giving an error mesage after the clean up stage.

  10. Vankash

    PSN Spoofing worked for me :O

  11. Natalie

    Can someone please convince me to stay on Firmware 3.60… I don’t pirate games, I use emulators on my phone. I have SAO Hollow Realisation sitting next to me, unable to play due to it requiring FW 3.61… I haven’t seen anything come out of this TaiHENkaku.. But please prove me wrong if I am xD
    I want to update but I want to stay at the same time lol. Should I stay on 3.60 and hope this “CFW” actually goes somewhere or….?

  12. Lawliet

    Sorry if my question is stupid but… is there any plan to update taihenkaku for 3.61? Or should I already give up on running homebrew on my 3.61 Vita? ‘Cause if that’s the case I guess I should just continue updating it anyway…

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