PS4 – How to play online in main account without PS+, Free


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  1. Vadim says:

    On euro store:
    1. Create new account
    2. Add your credit card
    3. Get free 14 days
    4. Remove credit card
    Repeat after 14 days

  2. Lawthugg says:

    Not for nothing but this is a huge pain in the *** just to save $60. If you can’t afford a game why do you have the console. I rather cough up the $60 as there are added benefits like cloud saves and free games, when the free trial ends you won’t be able to play any games you downloaded.

    • Adam says:

      I am one of those people that will play PS4 for a few weeks and then won’t touch it again for a month or so…so it’s hard for me to justify paying that much for online games. I have other gaming options. I play on my Vita, PSP, Wii U, 3DS, retro consoles, and my phone as well…so PS4 isn’t my only way of playing games. Not to mention, since I play games on other platforms, I gotta buy games for them. To be able to get “Free PS+” for just a couple weeks at a time would be great. Personally, I think paying for PS+ is BS anyway…you bought the system…you bought the game….you are paying for the internet…you should be able to play games for free like PC users do…The PS+ thing should be reserved for those that just want discounts on games or free games every month….

      • Gaz says:

        Yeah but you do realize that companies do have servers to keep up and running costs from them meaning besides the initial purchase they don’t see any money unless DLC is added in but even then that does not mean it will be successful. Either way people have upkeep and other costs as well. It’s nice to help indies out as well as I am sure they get a fraction of the PS+ people’s subscription for their games being added in.

        Don’t see the point of this ***. I paid for ps+ on the PS3 and will continue to do so on my PS4. It’s people who does this *** that makes it so expensive for the rest of us. Stop being cheap and just buy it.

        • Palu says:

          The servers costs are included in your games & console.

          On PC it’s only trough games and it work better than on consoles, with more features and better stability.

          The necessity of a subscription to maintain online gaming is a lie, it’s only there to get easy money from console gamers.

          Do you think Sony give money to EA or Ubisoft when you play online on their games, on Ubi/EA servers? No, the PS+ subscription is only here to steal players.

          It’s the same for Microsoft, when the first xbox one concept with cloud computing it could be justified (since cloud computing & cloud gaming like ps now servers don’t need the same ressources), but now the xbox one live is theft as mush as the 360 live or the PS+.

          • Zork says:

            Actually, Sony MIGHT have TO pay the company, since they have to include the cost of a new game on their PSN. I mainly pay for PS+ for those free stuffs that comes with it. And if I have to pay those $60 just to play online, I get an added benefits of getting free games for PS3, PS4 AND my PSVita. All together, if you look at the digital costs, they might all total over $120 worth of game for a month.

            That MORE than what XBox did. When Xbox induced that systems, I was skeptical about it for two things, They didn’t provide the server for players to play multiplayer in, and I find it funny that Activision that works WITH M$ was a lie and that their multiplayer is a lie and still rely on P2P, in which a person is the host for everyone else.

  3. Test says:

    I think it can be only done 7 time,

  4. Alvin says:

    The last picture says its 2 day free trial. Not 14 days. 开始两天免费试用 means start 2 days free trial.

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