UAE4All ported to the PS Vita! (GekiHEN contest Entry)

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  1. AcromioClavicular

    So nice!

  2. ScHlAuChi

    Having beta tested this emulator I can confirm that HDF files work!
    So instead of bothering with ADF files, i recommend a HDF with WHDLoad!

    • ManekiNeko

      Wait wait, are you the guy who makes all those longplays on YouTube? Neat!

      I’d use HDF files, but they’re… not especially easy to make. heck, I can’t even get some of the ADF files to work. The system gets stuck on the trainer screen in Turrican, for instance. No idea how to get past it.

      • ScHlAuChi

        Yep, thats me, if you want a pre-made HDF, just visit the webchat on our site and I can send it 🙂

        • ManekiNeko

          Thanks! I found a way to make a hard drive and fill it with games on another site, though. Problem is, some games I can’t get to function, like Lionheart and the AGA version of Fightin’ Spirit. It looks like I’m missing out in a big way with Lionheart, but Fightin’ Spirit is not a big loss. I can slum with the low color version if necessary.

          • ScHlAuChi

            Just come by our chat and I try to help 🙂

          • Giles

            I would be interested in the pre-made HDF… having tried several times over the last couple of days, I am not having any luck… mostly got it working but it is complaining that the WHD game files are read protected.

            You mentioned to visit in the web chat… where is the web chat? I know I am 95% of the way there… just need the final push

  3. delta191

    Wanted an Amiga emulator for The Vita, I managed to get PSPUAE working with Adrenaline a few days ago, now another Amiga Emulator arrives, Christmas has come early this year!!

    I managed to get Castaway (ATARI ST emulator) working with Adrenaline to…..roll em baby!!

  4. warfaren


  5. ScHlAuChi

    Accidental double post, please delete!

  6. HerbalNekoTea

    Now we need PC-88 and PC-98 emulator for Touhou Project and eroge.

  7. Tuga

    dreamcast emulator

  8. twenty90seven

    Thankyou! I have been waiting for an Amiga emulator since Henkaku was released. Have fired up Turrican 2 and Nitro, working nicely. Nice to see some support for the Amiga on PS Vita. Thanks again!!!

    • DrRetro

      What mean “nicely”? perfect? no frame drops? The most important games for me are the Turrican games too.

      • twenty90seven

        I can’t see any frame drops. 100% better than PSPUAE. You can even run A1200 AGA games so that’s a good indication.

  9. OoZic

    Great job, I’m a happy man now 🙂

  10. Giles

    So I have been testing this out… anyone know how to bring up a virtual keyboard?

    • delta191

      I wanted that to, unable to press f10 for alien syndrome lol.
      I dont think it has a virtual keyboard but it is possible to map any keyboard character under “custom controls”
      you can allocate any key to button a,b,x,y and L, R.

  11. tripp

    I had no problems (not much) with release 1.43, but with 1.50 the keyboard function does not output anything on some games and secret of monkey island disk one just gets rejected when it was fine on 1.43. Where could I send bug reports. 1.50 seems to work less well.

  12. tripp

    after installing v. 1.50 I noticed that keyboard output did not work in for instance on future classics collection and monkey island disk one was rejected. YET when I re-installed this older version (it was 1.40 actually) moneky island disk one was not rejected anymore yet the keyboard function did not work anymore on future classics collection. Then I deleted and shut down etc and installed v. 1.50 again. Same problems. Then I deleted and shut down etc and installed the old (previously FINE working 1.40) and installed 1.40 which worked fine before and not anymore. So SOMETHING went broke on the configurations etc which is clearly a BUG. A little disappointed that I can’t get back to the working 1.40 anymore.

  13. tripp

    Why did my comment got removed when it was a bug report?