QCMA 0.4.1 released, fixes a critical bug with folder scanning

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  1. subhaGamer says:

    Thanks for the update developer

  2. herrrrpppp says:

    Can someone please create some tutorial how to use qcma, because my pc won’t detect my ps vita. It will detect my ps vita if my firmware is up to date. I’ve already try all the trick on the net but my pc still wont detect, tutorial on komorebinomichi didn’t help at all. and i don’t have ps3

    • herrrrpppp says:

      pc detect my vita for like 5 sec and then it will automatically disconnected

      • APRON-MAN says:

        it does that to me then i reconnect and it works but youcould try checking the settings and see if its set above your firmware

    • AcromioClavicular says:

      Yeah, it bugs sometime with me too (on winXp) when i connect a HenKaKu Vita. Make sure to launch QCMA first, then connect the vita. Hopefully this update will fix this.

  3. Catarax says:

    Did you checked your links? They point to the 0.4.0 download lol, fix that mess Wololo!!!

  4. Q13E5 says:

    Thanks for this! now i can transfer stuff again. :>