Playing “lost” PSN PSP/PSone titles on Vita (Crash, Spyro,…)


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  1. alphaprime says:

    It should be noted that this will only work if the Vita is already activated. For new/unactivated/factory-restored Vita’s, this will not work. Furthermore, the two ACT.dat activators (Zombie’s vita activator and Coc4tm’s web ACT.dat generator) are both currently broken. Thus, the only way at present to activate a Vita is via the PS3/QCMA transfer trick.

  2. alphaprime says:

    Oh there’s also no need for PSP at all, or purchasing the game on the PSP, or transferring the license from the PSP. All of that is redundant/unneeded. Any activated Vita can do this now without a PSP. Simply follow Du’Islingr’s guide here:

    • alphaprime says:

      Opps, sorry, thought this post was Adrenaline related. My bad. That being said, Du’Islingr’s guide/Adrenaline is easier than fiddling with a PSP for each & every PSP game you want to play. Until Adrenaline gets PS1 ability, then this is worthwhile for those games.

  3. Danny O. says:

    Seems a lot more simple to use RetroArch.

    • Jgr9 says:

      I… believe that way still doesn’t work. I believe I tried, though… there might be a chance that I have a faulty/less featured PKG installer, even though it still was from IDU, supposedly.

    • John says:

      In IDU mode it can install DRM PKG files, Replacing it with the DEX PKG installer and using it without IDU mode can not.

  4. Schadows says:

    I bought a new memory card a couple of weeks ago, and redownload all my PS1/PSP titles I forgot to synchronize on my PC with QCMA.
    I indeed discover that Crash Bandicoot 1 wasn’t purchasable anymore on the French store (2 & 3 are still available) but I found it in my download history, and did download it without any trouble.

  5. Bigscrotem says:

    Yeh seems like alot of work just to play psp and ps1 games! ill just stay on 3.36 and play whatever i want till something easier comes along. GREAT WORK THOUGH PEOPLE!!

  6. EMC says:

    I already have Crash Bandicoot 3 and the CTR on my Vita. also Spiro and I am running the latest OFW, I just took advantage of the website bug on the US store, purchased them, download and transfer to my PC, from there my Vita accepts them, not from the store of course, but PC transfer.

    • Ayu says:

      Could you post how you downloaded to your PC then to your Vita?

      • Jgr9 says:

        Can’t do it in the way he did it. They blocked that off. Now there’s a way of doing it with Henkaku out but it’s kinda complicated. (and I’m actually curious if it still works now that we don’t have PSN again.)